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Celebrity Cruises is known for its modern luxury that touches everything from the common areas and staterooms on board the ships to the top-notch customer service and dreamy shore excursions off the ship. There are some aspects of Celebrity Cruises that aren’t only modern luxury, but also exclusively Celebrity. Here are some of the ship elements and activities that make a Celebrity cruise vacation stand out from the rest.

A New Innovative Ship: Celebrity Edge

When the Celebrity Edge begins sailing later this year, it is set to introduce many firsts into the cruise industry and we can’t wait for guests to experience the wow factor of these ship elements first hand. These ones are sure to get people excitedly talking:

Magic Carpet

You don’t even have to sail on the ship to see this one…though you’ll want to so you can go on it! The Magic Carpet is a lounge and restaurant on Celebrity Edge that is cantilevered over the side of the ship.  This means you’ll literally be eating and drinking right over the ocean – close your eyes and picture those dining views. The Magic Carpet “magically” moves between floors throughout the day. While in port, the Magic Carpet will serve as a waiting lounge for shore excursion passengers waiting for their time to depart the ship. In the evening, the Magic Carpet will move up the ship to a higher deck where it will alternate between being a lounge for drinks and being a can’t-miss specialty restaurant.


Another place to eat on Celebrity Edge that will be unforgettable is Eden. Spanning three decks, Eden is an interactive and immersive dining experience that is sure to be unlike any you’ve experienced. When dining at Eden you’ll move throughout the space to eat different courses and “Edenists” will entertain you as they serve you your cuisine, which will be cleverly presented.

Infinite Veranda

Celebrity Edge will also be introducing some firsts for its cruise staterooms, including the impressive Edge Staterooms with Infinite Verandas. These staterooms continue the sophisticated and comfortable design with modern luxury elements that cruisers have come to expect from veranda staterooms on Celebrity Cruises, but have one major defining quality: the entire stateroom can be opened to the veranda with a touch of the button, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living in your stateroom.

Edge Villas

Many of the suites on Celebrity’s fleet of ships are exceptional for their attention to details and luxurious touches, but for this post, we want to make sure you know about the Edge Villas. What makes them so cool? Well, for starters, the Edge Villa is a split-level suite that spans two stories, both of which have floor to ceiling windows overlooking the wide sea. It also has a plunge pool on the large terrace, a plant wall, and an innovative design that blends indoor and outdoor living seamlessly together.  The six Edge Villas on board are one-bedroom, 2-bath oases that will also have direct access to the Retreat on board, a special area of the ship just for suite guests.

Celebrity Edge begins sailing 3-night preview cruises in November of 2018 with its regular 7-night Caribbean cruises starting in December 2018. Celebrity Edge will sail both Caribbean and Mediterranean itineraries during the 2018 to 2019 season. Book your Celebrity Edge sailing today.

Fleet Wide Wonder: Solstice-Class Ships

Celebrity Edge is new and exciting, but let’s not forget about Celebrity Cruises’ last class of award-winning ships: the Solstice-class.

The Lawn Club

When the Celebrity Solstice – the first ship in Celebrity Cruises’ Solstice-class of ships – debuted, one of its most talked about aspects was the Lawn Club, and it is still enchanting Solstice-class guests today. That is because the Lawn Club is a real-grass area on the ship. If you’re worried that cruising might seem like you’re just floating on a big steel contraption at sea, think again. The Lawn Club covers the top deck of the ship and is an expansive place big enough for people to lounge on and have a picnic, play bocce ball, or to just sit on with a drink as you marvel at feeling like you’re at a park while floating in the middle of the ocean.

Depending on which ship you’re sailing on, the Lawn Club area is also home to cabanas available to rent, the popular Lawn Club Grill where you can grill your own steaks, and even a glass blowing demonstration, which brings us to the next unique thing about Celebrity Cruises.

Hot Glass Show

The Hot Glass Show is on Celebrity Solstice, Celebrity Equinox, and Celebrity Eclipse and is an impressive performance in glass-making by professionals who sail the cruise itinerary with you. (Solstice-class ships that don’t have the Hot Glass Show have the Lawn Club Grill.)

Fun for Everyone: Summer Camp at Sea

Savvy travelers in the know are aware that Celebrity Cruises is an excellent choice for a family vacation with kids and teenagers. Celebrity Cruises has kid zones on board with plenty of entertainment options, but something that is extra special for kids that Celebrity Cruises offers is Kids’ Camp at Sea.

Kids’ Camp at Sea is a summer camp offered on select Celebrity Cruises itineraries that puts a focus on STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) plus arts and recreation. It’s an excellent way for young cruisers to have an educational and fun summer trip.

Savvy Dining Design: Wine Tower

Celebrity Cruises puts a big focus on wine on board its ships, from the wine classes part of the CelebrityLife program on board to wine tasting shore excursions in port. As soon as you enter the Main Dining Room, you’ll see just how important wine is to Celebrity Cruises since it is a focal point of the Main Dining Room.

In the center of the Main Dining Room is a two-story circular wine tower that is impressive to see. In the wine tower are hundreds of bottles of wine, attended to by the sommeliers on board who can recommend which wine is the best choice to pair with your dinner.

In Port: Uniquely Celebrity Shore Excursions

We couldn’t talk about what makes Celebrity Cruises distinct without talking about the Uniquely Celebrity shore excursions – they do after all have “unique” in the name. They’re more than just unique though. These excursions are also a way to get an in-depth look at the sights and culture of the port of call you’re visiting.

Travelers who like a more intimate setting can choose small-group excursions or even ones that are private. For Private Journeys you work with a Destination Insider to plan out your perfect day. There are also Chef Market Discoveries and World Flavors shore excursions perfect for foodies.

With Celebrity Cruises, You Make It Your Vacation

The excellent thing about Celebrity Cruises is that you can make your cruise unique to you by choosing the activities on board, the shore excursions in port, the specialty dining restaurants, and the suite or stateroom that are just right for you.

During special cruise deals, like the current Sail Beyond Event, you can even choose a perk that is just right for you and which makes your vacation more of an all-inclusive one. Choose from a Classic Beverage Package, Unlimited Wi-Fi, Prepaid Tips, or $150 to spend on board.

Visit Celebrity Cruises to book your modern luxury cruise vacation. Be sure to check out Flights by Celebrity, too, to make your vacation planning experience streamlined and simple.

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