Cruises to Chile

On a Chile cruise, you’ll discover a country of extremes, with landscapes ranging from the towering peaks of the Andes to the vast landscapes of Patagonia and the rugged cliffs of Cape Horn in the far south. Get a glimpse into the country's rich culture and history by visiting local museums, dining on traditional cuisine, and sampling the famous wines.

Cruises to Chile give you a chance to discover the extraordinary human history of Patagonia, of discovery and endeavor. Observe enchanting penguins and learn about the majestic Andean condor. A thrilling South America cruise is the best way to discover the majesty of Chile and its coastal wonders.

Chile Cruise Highlights

Magnificent Scenery

Everywhere you turn, there’s dazzling scenery to admire in Chile. The skies seem endless over the great wilderness of Patagonia. There’s a sense of the primeval as you hike the forest trails in the Magallanes National Reserve, the trees festooned with Old Man’s Beard. Rocky islands are scattered across sparkling blue bays, the snowy peaks of the coastal mountains a constant backdrop. Watching the waves pound the cliffs at isolated Cape Horn is a thrill you’ll never forget.

Fascinating Wildlife

The southern tip of Chile is rich in wildlife. Wander among enchanting Magellanic penguins on Magdalena Island, where there’s a thriving colony. Observe mighty Andean condors soaring over sheer cliffs and learn about the efforts to protect them. Keep a lookout for Patagonian sea lions hauled out on smooth rocks and humpback whales breaching. Out at sea, you could spot southern giant petrels gliding behind your ship, or magnificent albatrosses skimming the waves.

Fine Food & Wine

Chile is famed for its distinctive cuisine and excellent wines. Attend a Patagonian asado, or BBQ, and try the legendary Patagonian lamb, slow roasted over an open fire and washed down with a robust red. Snack on tasty empanadas, pastry turnovers filled with chicken, beef, or cheese. Don’t miss a chance to try gratinated crab, a local specialty, or pancakes drizzled with creamy dulce de leche.

Featured Chile Cruise Ports

Punta Arenas

One of the most southerly cities in the world, Punta Arenas clings to the very edge of South America. Learn how Magellan sailed here to find a sea passage between the Pacific and the Atlantic and see a replica of his ship at the Museo Nao Victoria. Hike through the forest in the Magallanes National Reserve and learn about the human history of Patagonia at the superb Museum Maggiorino Borgatello. Or spend a day on a working estancia and enjoy a taste of cowboy life, Chilean style.

Cape Horn

Rounding wild, windswept Cape Horn by ship is a rite of passage for adventurous travelers to South America. See towering cliffs and the headland that mark the southernmost tip of South America, guarded by a single lonely lighthouse. Voyages to Cape Horn weave through the rocky islands of Tierra del Fuego, too, with good chances to spot different species of birds and admire the craggy scenery.

Chile Cruise Itineraries

Sail along Chile’s fjord-indented coast to the tip of the South American continent and beyond on Celebrity’s 14-night cruises. These exciting itineraries embark in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and take you to both Punta Arenas and Cape Horn, as well as ports in Argentina and Antarctica, depending on your cruise.

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Why Cruise to Chile With Celebrity Cruises

When you cruise to Chile with Celebrity, you’ll enjoy award-winning service from the moment you embark. Sip steaming hot chocolate at the Lawn Club as you sail past towering cliffs and deep fjords. Book a rejuvenating body treatment at The Spa or relax in the Solarium. For the ultimate travel experience, choose The Retreat, where you'll find some of the finest dining at sea at Luminae, as well as spacious suites and exclusive lounge access.

There’s much to look forward to on a Chile cruise. You'll enjoy the exhilarating experience of sailing around Cape Horn, one of the most remote spots on Earth. Celebrity will take you there in effortless style.

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