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Explore Cruises to Bermuda

Bermuda possesses all of the stunning attributes of a tropical paradise, with a unique mix of travel experiences. You’ll experience island vibes, British charm, a temperate climate, palm trees, impossibly blue water—and it’s an easy island getaway for anyone who lives on the East Coast. In fact, one of the most popular departure ports for a Bermuda cruise is Cape Liberty in New Jersey, just across the river from New York City.

From relaxing on a pink sand beach to diving over one of the many shipwrecks to hiking through a jungle there is something for everyone. You can descend into the incredible Crystal Caves, viewing the natural stalactites and stalagmites. Bermuda's museums and art galleries add touches of urban sophistication and its many forts satisfy history buffs, while its varied topography makes it ideal for all kinds of water sports, hiking, golfing, or just lazing on a picture-perfect beach. Our 7-night Bermuda cruise itineraries offer two overnights so you have enough time to do it all.

Our longer Bermuda and New England cruises give you the opportunity to relax in the tropical paradise of Bermuda and then embark on a historical tour of the Northeast – giving you the best of both worlds—the Boston Tea Party, the Freedom Trail, Old North Church (where the “two-if-by-sea” lantern hung), and our revolutionary roots.

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    Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

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    Mary Celestia Shipwreck, Bermuda

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    Crystal Caves, Bermuda

Celebrity Recommended Experience

The Caribbean isn’t the only place with beautiful, serene beaches. Venture out to pink sands and turquoise blue waters by visiting Bermuda on board Celebrity Cruises®. Explore King’s Wharf, ride a bike along the Railway Trail or scuba dive to visit shipwrecks and see underwater life. Whether it’s for seven days or more, this subtropical British territory is sure to leave an imprint in your memory.

7 Night Bermuda
10/11 Night Bermuda

Get to Know Bermuda’s Highlights

The best Bermuda cruise you could ever take is one with Celebrity. You’ll experience a vacation like no other, immersed in natural beauty, fascinating history, and distinctive cuisine. Experience it all with the Best Premium Cruise Line on a Bermuda cruise.

Natural Beauty

Go from relaxing on beautiful pink sand beaches in Bermuda to hiking through Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine, on a Bermuda and New England cruise. The shallow water and remarkable visibility in the seas surrounding Bermuda make diving there an unforgettably vivid experience. Near Newport, Rhode Island, explore the Goosewing Beach Preserve, one of Rhode Island’s most scenic spots, where endangered shorebirds are protected. From rocky coastline to blue waters there is breathtaking views wherever you look.


Be awed by the magical spectacle of the bioluminescent waters off Bermuda a few days after each full moon or snorkel by day to swim alongside colorful reef fish. Get a thrill seeing a behemoth whale off the coast of Maine or the lobster boats bringing in the day’s catch. Get your cameras ready to capture some of the most splendid and awesome wildlife images imaginable. Witness bald eagles, harbor seals, porpoises, and numerous seabirds.


Bermuda is surrounded by treacherous reefs which account for its history—and its well-earned reputation as a spectacular dive site. In 1609, the flagship of Admiral Sir George Somers was wrecked on these reefs while en route to the colony at Jamestown, Virginia. The crew then built two small ships and headed on to the American colony, but three sailors hid out and remained on the island. They were Bermuda's first European settlers. Today, you can visit historic treasures on centuries-old brick streets in St. George’s (a world UNESCO site).

Featured Destinations

King's Wharf, Bermuda

King's Wharf has something for everyone—from adventure to relaxation. Taste local flavors and stroll through the many shops and museums near the sun-bleached Royal Naval Dockyard military fortress and the Bermuda Maritime Museum. Or, spend the day enjoying a scenic catamaran sail as you work on your tan and have the option to snorkel, kayak, or stand-up paddleboard in a secluded cove. Then, at night, experience all the hot dining spots, live music, and nightlife King’s Wharf has to offer.

Boston, Massachusetts

Cruises to Boston provide a chance to explore America’s past and future. It’s one of the most iconic cities in America, and you’ll have many ways to explore Boston whether you focus on its history, its gorgeous parks and neighborhoods, or its sports, academia, and food culture. Rent a bike and cycle along the Charles River. Sunbathe and picnic in the Esplanade park. Take a tour of the historic Harvard University campus. And don’t forget to indulge in a buttery lobster roll.

Bar Harbor, Maine

Cruises to Bar Harbor pull into port near the central part of Bar Harbor’s charming downtown area. Bar Harbor is often called the Gateway to Acadia National Park where you can enjoy peaceful woodlands, reflective lakes and mountain views. One of the most amazing features of Acadia National Park is the interlaced system of hiking trails and carriage roads. With varied lengths and levels of difficulty, the 125 miles of trails appeal to everyone from casual walkers to seasoned triathletes.

Departure Port

Cape Liberty, New Jersey

This cruise port, the first to be built in New Jersey in 40 years, provides the perfect setting to the beginning or end of any voyage and is conveniently located close to New York City. From your vantage point on the ship’s deck, you can look out over the most magnificent views as you cruise to Bermuda from New Jersey—the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor, and all of lower Manhattan. Its proximity to New York City makes it easy to spend a day or more exploring the Big Apple.

Shore Excursions

There are so many ways to explore your ports of call on a Bermuda cruise. Whether you’re an outdoorsy, active type or a foodie out to explore local cuisine and craft beers, Celebrity has a Bermuda and New England shore excursion geared to your interests.


Take a guided bike ride through Portland or Acadia National Park, kayak around Bermuda, relax on the pink sand beaches, explore the local aquariums or take a nature hike through the forest. There are plenty of shore excursion options for the entire family. The Crystal Caves are not to be missed as you can see the natural stalactites and stalagmites as you stroll on a boardwalk.


From seeing deer and falcons in Acadia National Park, to whale-watching in New England, to snorkeling with reef fish in the sunken shipwrecks off the coast of Bermuda, there are plenty of opportunities to see wildlife wherever you look on your Bermuda cruise. For a different type of experience sail on a lobster boar and watch as they haul in their day’s catch.


Bermuda and the Northeast are a historian’s dream. From the British history of Bermuda to walking the Freedom Trail in Boston to the iconic lighthouses in Newport and Bar Harbor, there is no shortage of historical sites to visit on Bermuda and New England sailings. Visit the Maritime Museum in King’s Wharf or travel in Paul Revere’s footsteps in the birthplace of the American Revolution while on a call to Boston, Massachusetts. Learning the full story of his famous midnight ride.

Our Ship Sailing to Bermuda

Celebrity Summit® returns to Bermuda and New England following her Celebrity Revolution℠ modernization. She offers mostly 7-night sailings from May through September with the addition of new 10/11-night itineraries in May and June.

Celebrity Summit®


This region is known for the abundance of fresh seafood—lobster, conch, rock fish (black grouper), and yellowfin tuna. Bermuda’s cuisine is as diverse as the island’s history and heritage.

Black Rum Cakes

Rum cakes, as the name suggests, have rum as one of its ingredients and you will be able to make out the distinct and spicy rum flavor as soon as your teeth sink into the soft and delicious cakes. Horton's is the original bakers of Bermuda Black Rum Cakes which is a great favorite of the locals. Be sure to bring some home.


The northeast is known for its cold-water lobster and there are so many ways you can enjoy it— from casual lobster rolls to cooked in pasta dishes to simply steamed and served with melted butter and lemon wedges. Maine lobster is prized worldwide for its sweet taste and delicate texture.

Fish Chowder

Considered the national dish of Bermuda, its basic ingredients are fish, tomatoes, green peppers, and onions, seasoned with black rum and "Sherry Pepper Sauce." The recipe is believed to have been developed by the 17th century British colonizers of Bermuda. Make sure to order some as you explore the culinary joys of Bermuda.

Helpful Tips Before You Go

  • Research the shore excursions and book them in advance, pre-cruise. The popular shore excursions get sold out fast.

  • All destinations in Bermuda and the Northeast take US dollars and most take credit cards but be sure to check before your purchase.

  • Remember your sunscreen, bathing suit, sunglasses and bug repellant.

  • Call your banks to let them know the countries you will be visiting.

  • Turn on your international cellular service plan.

  • Have your documents protected and photocopied.

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