Complete vacations—from the tarmac to the top deck.

Flights by CelebritySM is the best way to ensure you get exactly what you want in air travel—the best rates, the flexibility to personalize your flight plans, and the security in knowing there’s a staff of dedicated Flights by Celebrity Specialists available 24/7 to provide any assistance you may need along the way. Together, Celebrity Cruises and Flights by Celebrity take care of all your vacation needs—from the time you book your cruise to the time you arrive home.

Now, booking your complete vacation—including air travel—is easier than ever. And, unlike other travel services, you get all these premium benefits with absolutely no booking fees.

Flights by Celebrity premium benefits include:


Flights by Celebrity℠ gives you complete flexibility in booking, which means you earn points with your favorite airline. You choose the days and times you want to fly. You choose the airline. In the end, you’re assured the flight schedule and airline that you want. It’s that easy.


Flights by Celebrity gives you the best prices available on your flights. We guarantee it. Our Lowest Airfare Guarantee** means you get the best value in air travel—a benefit no other cruise line offers. So, there’s no need to jump from site to site comparing rates—we do that for you. And, if we don’t find you the lowest fare, we’ll credit you 110% percent of the difference to spend on board your cruise. Either way—you win. And, there’s absolutely no booking fee when you use Flights by Celebrity.


When you use Flights by Celebrity to book your air travel, we’ve got your back. You enjoy 24/7 travel service, so you have the peace of mind knowing there’s someone looking out for you. Our Flights by Celebrity Specialists are on hand monitoring your flights, so if there are any delays or cancellations that jeopardize your travel plans, they’ll work quickly with the airline to get you on the next available flight to get you to your ship. So, take comfort in booking your complete vacation with us all at once, and let us take care of everything.

How to Book:

To book your complete Celebrity Cruises vacation call one of our Certified Vacation Planners at 1-800-CELEBRITY, book online, or with your travel agent—and remember to ask them to book your air travel using Flights by Celebrity, so you’ll receive all the premium benefits you deserve with absolutely no booking fee.

Booking Online:

When making a new cruise reservation on, you will be prompted to purchase your flights through Flights by Celebrity after the cruise booking process.

Already Booked a Cruise?

Schedule your flights, loggin in to your account using your booking number and then add your flights.

Just Looking for Flights

To search for flights before you book your cruise, visit the Flights by Celebrity website.