Welcome to the Club

We hope Lady Luck accompanies you on your next cruise. With five exclusive membership tiers, our new Blue Chip Club rewards you like never before in our elegant Cruise Casinos. Enjoy an array of benefits from ship to shore, including dedicated Concierge service, free play in Fortunes Casino, complimentary specialty dining, and much more.*

How it works:

Playing casino games on your cruise vacation is easy. Simply insert or present your SeaPass® card as you play. You'll earn Tier Points that qualify you for higher membership tiers and greater benefits, as well as Redeemable Points you can use toward free casino play and virtually any purchases on board.*


Earn 1 Tier Point and 1 Redeemable Point for every:

> $1 wagered on slots

> $2 wagered on Video poker

> $8 wagered on table games


Redeemable points:

> $5 wagered on slots

> $10 wagered on video poker

> $10 wagered on table games

Blue Chip Club


What benefits does the Blue Chip Club offer?

The Blue Chip Club offers a variety of benefits ranging from a personal land-based coordinator to assist you with any bookings, to onboard benefits, including free slot play/table promo chips, the ability to use your earned casino points for food and...

How long is my tier benefit valid for?

Your earned tier is valid for any sailings you take between March 2017 and June 2018. Should you earn enough tier points during the March 2017 and June 2018 period, your new earned tier benefit will continue for another 18 months (through December...

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