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Accepted COVID-19 Tests


If your sailing requires a pre-cruise test, here are some details about the kind of test you’ll need.

Accepted Types of Tests and Results

  • There are two common types of diagnostic COVID-19 tests and we accept either one: 
    • A molecular test, also called a PCR test or NAAT test
    • An antigen test, also called a rapid antigen test
  • The test must be supervised by a health professional, such as a doctor, pharmacy technician, public health worker, or telehealth representative.
  • You must receive a valid results document from your test provider that includes provider name, your name, the date the test was taken, type of test, and your negative result. This can be a printed document, email, or telehealth app notification. Handwritten doctor’s notes will not be accepted.
  • Telehealth testing at home is only accepted when it meets certain guidelines. See below.

Tests We Do Not Accept

  • Antibody tests are not accepted, as they do not detect a current infection.
  • Home test kits that are self-administered at home, and not supervised live by a telehealth professional, are also not accepted.

More on Telehealth Testing

Telehealth self-tests taken at home under supervision must meet these requirements:

  • The test must have Emergency Use Authorization from the U.S. FDA.
  • The self-test process must happen under live supervision on a video call with a telehealth representative.
  • The telehealth provider must issue you a result document that includes all the necessary information.
  • Two tests that meet these parameters are the Abbott BinaxNow COVID-19 Ag Card Test available through the Abbott Navica app, or the Ellume Covid-19 Test with Video Observation Services.

More on Abbott Brand Tests

Abbott tests have become a popular and commonly available COVID-19 test brand. Here’s what’s acceptable.

  • Any Abbott brand test administered on site by a pharmacy technician or other health professional is accepted. They must provide you with a proper results document (no handwritten notes).
  • The Abbott BinaxNow COVID-19 Ag Card Test, which is taken at home and supervised by a telemedicine professional, is accepted. It must be taken under live video supervision.
  •  The Abbott BinaxNow COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test, which is taken at home and not supervised by a medical professional, is NOT accepted.

Where and When to Get Your Test

Most local pharmacy chains offer COVID-19 Testing and most county or state websites can help you find a local public testing site. You can also go to a doctor’s office, diagnostic lab, or telehealth provider to get your test.

Some additional things to keep in mind when scheduling your test:

  • For sailings that require a pre-cruise test, you will be asked to take the test no more than 3 days before your sail date for unvaccinated guests and no more than 2 days for vaccinated. How to calculate 3 and 2 days before: The day you set sail is not included as one of the days. For example, if you are setting sail on a Saturday, you can take your test on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday before your sailing and for 2 days you can take the test Thursday or Friday.
  • Make sure that your selected test provider can provide you a valid results document in time for your travel.      
  • For fully vaccinated guests living in the United States, a home-test kit is available for purchase on our Website. We are working with Optum, an authorized medical provider to offer this option to our guests. Complete your pre-cruise test kit at home or any place of your choosing with the help of live video supervision by a Certified Guide. This test kit will be delivered anywhere in the United States, within three business days following your order date. For the best shipping experience, we recommend placing your order at least a full week before the day you plan to take your test. Your validated test results will be delivered within 15 minutes.



We recommend ordering your test kit at least one full week before you plan to take your test. If you’re in a pinch, see below to understand if your order will arrive in time.


ORDER TEST KIT ON:                                GET TEST KIT NO LATER THAN:

Monday                                                        Thursday evening

Tuesday                                                        Friday evening       

Wednesday                                                  Monday evening

Thursday                                                       Tuesday evening   

Friday                                                            Wednesday evening

Saturday                                                       Wednesday evening

Sunday                                                          Wednesday evening         


U.S. addresses only. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska, or shipping over a U.S. federal holiday, will add one business day to shipping timeline.


By when should I order my home test kit? Do the test kits have an expiration date?

Your test kit should arrive within the three business days that follow your order date. For the best shipping experience, we recommend placing your order at least a full week before the day you plan to take your test. Our current allotment of home test kits is FDA-authorized through December 31, 2021, and can be used any time until that date. We hope to have test kits available for our 2022 cruise guests soon.

Is there a telemedicine or telehealth test option that is recommended for my pre-cruise COVID-19 test? 

For fully vaccinated guests only, we accept self-administered, FDA-authorized COVID-19 tests taken under live video supervision by a telehealth representative.

Fully vaccinated guests can order at-home test kits, shipped right to your door (anywhere in the U.S.) within three business days. Complete your pre-cruise test at home, with live video supervised by a Certified Guide. Get your results in 15 minutes.

Purchase Your At-Home Test Kit

Fully vaccinated guests can order at-home test kits, shipped right to your door (anywhere in the U.S.) in two business days or less. Complete your pre-cruise test at home, with live video supervised by a Certified Guide. Get your results in 15 minutes.

More About the Test Kit

The Abbott BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test is an FDA-authorized rapid antigen home test that, when combined with eMed Telehealth Service, can be used by fully vaccinated guests to fulfill their pre-cruise test requirement. 

Your test kit includes a personal virtual visit with an eMed Certified Guide who will help you properly administer the test and verify the result. Your eMed Labs result report is provided via email and can be printed or displayed on your mobile device on boarding day.

How It Works:

  • ORDER YOUR TEST KIT ONLINE: Visit Celebrity Cruises online storefront, powered by Optum, to order your kit. The test kit ships within the U.S. and arrives within three business days. To order your test kit click here    
  • TEST FROM HOME: Scan the QR code on your test kit box to start your video visit with a Certified Guide.   
  • GET YOUR RESULT: In 15 minutes, you’ll have a verified test result that you can use to board the ship.

Providing Your Results On Departure Day

You will present your negative test result at the terminal upon boarding. Print out your results for easy access, as you may need to present it at various points. We will also accept a valid results document presented on your phone.

If you receive a positive test result on your pre-cruise test, please call us at 1-844-418-6824 in North America or (316) 554-5961 worldwide so we may assist with rescheduling your cruise vacation plans.



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