Preparing for Boarding Day FAQs


Prepare My Travel Documentation


Top Questions

Do I need a passport to cruise?

Can I cruise with a birth certificate as my identification? What if I don’t have a passport?

What if the name on my identification does not match my reservation due to a legal name change, married name, or other reason?

Do I need any visas to cruise to and from other countries?

What identification does a child need to cruise? What if I am traveling with a minor that is not my own child? What if my last name does not match my child’s?

Domestic Sailings

What sailings are considered Domestic?

What documents do I need when boarding a ship in the U.S. that travels out of the U.S?

Do I need to bring a passport when sailing domestically?

Do I need to bring my green card when sailing domestically?

What Documents or Forms Do I Need for Domestic Sailings?

International Sailings

What sailings are considered International?

Do I need to provide proof of inoculation to sail internationally?

What Documents or Forms Do I Need for International Sailings?

What Documents Do I Need To Sail on a Galapagos Sailing?

Travel Documentation for Minors

What do I need to do if I’m traveling with a minor and I am not their parent or legal guardian?

What documentation do I need when traveling with a child or as a legal gaurdian?



How to Pack


What To Pack

What to Pack/What to Wear

How much luggage can a guest bring onboard?

Can I bring my flat iron or curling iron with me onboard?

Are there blowdryers available for use onboard?

Can I bring a clothes steamer or iron onboard?

What in-room toiletries are provided?

Do you provide bathrobes to use onboard?

Are there beach towels for use onboard at the pool or during shore excursions?

What Not To Pack

What Not to Pack (Prohibited Items)



Prepare to Cruise with Accessibility Needs


Accessible Staterooms & Onboard Venues

Do you require proof of disability to reserve an accessible stateroom?

Is the Retreat Accessible?

What if I need to eat at a certain dining time due to my diet and/or medication?

Are There Accommodations For Persons With Special Medical Needs On Board Galapagos Ships And Throughout The Galapagos Experience?

How can I request my onboard medical records?


Can I travel alone?

What kind of assistance do you provide?

Do you provide priority boarding?

Do you offer accessible transfers?

Do you provide tactile interpreters for the hearing impared?

Do you provide braille formatted material?

Can I request a Qualified Reader staff member?

Assisted Devices & Service Animals

Do you have wheelchairs for use onboard?

Does Celebrity Cruises offer scooters for rent onboard?

Can I bring my own assistive devices with me?

Must I store my assistive device in my stateroom?

Can my assistive device fit through the stateroom door?

Can I bring a CPAP or BIPAP machine?

Do you accept service dogs?

Accessibility Support for the app

Accessible Shore Excursions

Can I take my scooter on tours?

How do I make sure my mobility equipment won’t be too big or too heavy for the tender?

How do I make sure my mobility equipment won’t be too big or too heavy for the excursion?

Who can book accessible shore excursions?

How are the accessible shore excursions different from other regular shore excursions?

How large are the groups for the accessible shore excursions?

What type of vehicles are used for the accessible shore excursions?

How can the guide assist me with my mobility needs?

In which destinations can I book accessible shore excursions?

When should I book my accessible shore excursion?

Do you offer accessible Cruisetours in Alaska?

What about other Cruisetours?

Complaint Resolution

What if I have a accessibility-related concern onboard?

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