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JUNE 18, 2016

Spent some time in the sunshine state (or live there)? Then picture your favorite activity to do there and then read on to find out what type of shore excursion you may enjoy doing while cruising the world.


Love to surf? Then you probably enjoy simply being in the ocean, too. When it comes to ways to do that on a Celebrity cruise, there are many options (besides just sailing on a ship through the ocean!) and ways to take advantage of being by the sparkling sea.

Celebrity Cruises shore excursions have just about every type of water activity imaginable depending where you’re traveling to on your cruise. You can go scuba diving, snorkel, paddleboard, and even don an oxygen helmet and walk on the ocean floor.


From Torrey Pines to Yosemite, California has a wide range of hiking trails. If you love exploring these paths through woods, mountains, and along beaches, you’ll enjoy a scenic, walking-focused shore excursion. Hike up the scenic “Stairway to Heaven” in St. Lucia,  explore the lost city of Pompeii with a knowledgeable guide,  amble through a rain forest in Alaska,  and much more.

Boating or Sailing

If you enjoy taking a boat onto the water out of the harbors of San Diego or Newport Beach, or hopping on a speedboat and zipping around the San Francisco Bay, then you’ll be a fan of one of Celebrity’s shore excursions that gets you out onto the water via a small vessel.

Then after your excursion, you get to head back to your impressive Celebrity Cruises ship and enjoy a drink on the Lawn Club or sundeck for more gliding over the water and relaxing sea views.

Wine Tasting

California has wine tasting regions all the way from southern California to the famous wineries of Napa and beyond in northern California. As a result, many Californians are wine connoisseuers and enjoy learning about local wines. You can also find out about regional wines of the countries you’re visiting on a wine tasting shore excursion with Celebrity Cruises. Chances are if you’re visiting a port that has a nearby wine region, there will be a shore excursion that takes you to it. You can search here to see where in the world you can go wine tasting with Celebrity Cruises.

Local Cuisine

California’s agriculture industry and miles upon miles of farmland mean there are many opportunities to eat locally sourced food and feast on gourmet cuisine at farm to table restaurants. If you also like doing so on vacation, you’ll enjoy checking out one of Celebrity Cruises’ World Flavors shore excursions. These excursions offer a wide array of culinary adventures, from cooking classes to visiting local food markets to dining at Michelin-starred restaurants.

The Big City

If you enjoy weekend getaways and spending time in the big cities of California, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego, then soak up more of the city life on a shore excursion that explores a specific city center, often with a specific theme.

For example, in Barcelona, Spain you can take in the city sights while learning about the city’s most famous artistic creators on the Barcelona & Picasso tour, during which you’ll visit the Picasso Museum and learn more about Picasso’s life in Spain, plus be taken through different neighborhoods of Barcelona and past buildings designed by the city’s most famous architect, Antoni Gaudi.

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