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As mariners on the world's oceans, we at Celebrity Cruises know we have a special obligation to protect our environment. The sustainability of our planet is dependent on clean seas and pure air. It is central to our guests' acation experience, and is at the core of our commitment to continually improve our environmental stewardship practices. Celebrity Cruises has made steady progress in its environment program since its inception. Several years ago, we embarked on an ambitous plan across our fleet to substantially reduce our impact on the environment. today, many of these initiatives are well underway, and are being implemented on Celebrity Solstice from the beginning, during the ship's construction process. Celebrity Solstice is a showcase of our ongoing efforts to improve energy efficiency and reduce our impact on the environment.

Environmental Stewardship

Our responsibilities as a steward of the environment are central to our mission as a corporation. The environment is critical to our success. As a company, we have a history of innovation in the industry. We are equally proud of our reputation as a leader in protecting the environment. Celebrity Cruises values the environment and is committed to protecting and preserving environmental resources, preventing pollution and continually improving environmental management.

You can learn more about how we work to preserve the environment by reviewing the information listed below.

Our Approach to Sound Stewardship (PDF)

2012 Stewardship Report (PDF)

2011 Stewardship Report

Read a letter from our Chairman, regarding our ongoing environmental efforts.

Download and overview of Celebrity's Advanced Wastewater Purification Systems