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Riga, Latvia- At first glance, Riga—the largest of the Baltic capital cities—seems reserved, but just below the surface lies a vibrant and modern atmosphere shaped by trendy bars, innovative art centers, and restaurants on the cutting edge of cuisine. Take a tour on foot of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Old Town and marvel at a wide range of architectural styles, Art Nouveau being the dominant example. Built during a period of fast economic development at the turn of the 20th century, Riga contains more Art Nouveau architecture than anywhere else in the world. This once favorite resort of the citizens of the former Soviet Union still has the same woods and beaches that drew them all there in the first place. On your Riga cruise, you’ll find one of the biggest open-air, ethnographic museums smack in the middle of a forest where wild strawberries and blueberries flourish in the spring and summer. Also, don’t cruise out of Riga without a visit to Jurmala Beach and its beautiful soft, white sands.

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