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Sailing to Sweden on a cruise gives you the chance to explore this gorgeous Scandinavian country in an in-depth and stress-free way. Sweden has incredible cities full of historic architecture and world-class museums, but the cosmopolitan way of life isn’t all you’ll find in Sweden. Head into the country and you’ll be immersed in nature as you encounter lake after lake, numerous mountain peaks, and a number of scenic hikes.

A Sweden cruise will take you right to the heart of this country when you pull into port in Stockholm. Spanning across 14 islands, Stockholm has a unique cityscape that backs up to some of Sweden’s lovely countryside. Across the sea from Stockholm, you’ll find the island Gotland, where another lovely Sweden cruise port awaits to be explored: Nynashamn.

A cruise to Sweden makes it effortless to explore this region of the world. Swedish cruise itineraries predominantly sail to Stockholm or Visby on Scandinavia and Russia itineraries during the summer months and shoulder season. Just keep in mind to pack layers if cruising to Sweden in spring or fall since the weather can get a bit chillier than the warm summer months.

Highlights of Sweden Cruises

From waterways and neighborhoods on islands to modern culture and ancient arts, plus a beloved and stylish monarchy, there is much to see and do when cruising to Sweden.

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is the Old Town area of Stockholm and it’s a must-see when in Sweden due to its history. Gamla Stan is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe and you’ll be wowed by its size and charming streets. You’ll also see the Royal Palace, a Baroque masterpiece located in Gamla Stan.

Museums in Sweden

Sweden cruise passengers will have many world-class museums to choose from to visit while in port. Popular ones include the Nordic Museum; the Vasa Ship Museum; the Gotland Museum; moderna museet, a modern art museum; and even an ABBA Museum, dedicated to the famous Swedish musical group.

Stately Palaces

Sweden’s royal family has a lineage going back centuries and over those years beautiful palaces and royal residences have been built in and near Stockholm. Drottningholm and the Royal Palace are two not to miss.

Sweden Cruise Ports

It’s fitting that the port of call for Sweden cruises is Stockholm since water has such a vital role in the city’s island layout and experiences. Before you arrive or after you cruise from Sweden, your itinerary also might include ports of call in popular destinations like Oslo, Norway; Copenhagen, Denmark; St. Petersburg, Russia; and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Popular Shore Excursions in Sweden

The best shore excursions to do on Sweden cruises are ones that combine history with city sightseeing or exploration of the nearby countryside and waterways. Here are some great shore excursions to give yourself a fun-filled day in port before you cruise from Sweden.

Tour Medieval Visby

Visby and the rest of the island of Gotland has a history rich in medieval heritage. Visby itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its historic buildings and past. See all of Gotland’s top medieval sites on a guided tour excursion.

Viking Past in Stockholm

Medieval remnants aren’t the only thing you can see in Sweden; the Vikings also had a strong presence in the country and there are several Stockholm shore excursions that focus on the Vikings. To soak in some Viking history, visit the interactive Life of the Vikings exhibition called Vikingaliv.

Coastal Cruise

Hop onto a boat and take a coastal cruise excursion around the Swedish shoreline to see the sights from a different angle. Along the way, take pictures of panoramic scenery and historic coastal towns, and learn more about the region from your captain.

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Helpful Tips Before You Go


You might not think of Sweden as being a big foodie city, but it is starting to get that reputation thanks to gourmet restaurants and a diverse culinary scene. Stockholm is known for its extensive vegan offerings, but you can still find plenty of traditional dishes like meatballs or Jansson’s temptation, a creamy casserole dish filled with potatoes, anchovies, and other spices. Don’t miss out on lunch during your cruise to Sweden either. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day in Sweden and many restaurants serve a delicious buffet during the lunchtime hours.

Plan on using a credit card in Stockholm. Some businesses won’t even take cash! Public transportation is easily accessible throughout Sweden, and is a good alternative to expensive taxis. Keep in mind the metro and commuter lines can get backed up around rush hour, particularly at the central station, which may coincide with when you need to get back to the ship so give yourself plenty of time. (Hint: shore excursions help eliminate this stress!)