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Holyhead is the largest town on the island of Anglesey and is perhaps known best for being a busy ferry port. However, the town has a number of interesting attractions and is a bustling visitor area in its own right. Around Holyhead there is excellent fishing, golfing and, of course, sailing facilities. Couple this with the wonderful scenery, walkways, and beaches and you can easily lose yourself for a few hours. If you are feeling fit or want to walk off lunch, 'stroll' down to South Stack Lighthouse. It is well worth a visit but be prepared to face the challenge of 400 steps down, and the same number on the return journey. South Stack offers a wealth of bird life from the RSPB's Ellin’s Tower. Every summer 4000 birds visit the area, a variety of species, including puffins, and you could be lucky to see the odd seal or dolphin meandering through the Irish Sea.

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Pristaniska Ulica

On Pristaniska Ulica, Koper Market is filled with stalls selling produce grown in the area. But the real draw, especially in the morning, is the local staple: fish. Head toward the back to view an enormous selection of nearly every fish native to this part of the world.

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