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Cruise Accommodations Play a Key Part in Helping You Relax During Your Cruise

Part of the appeal of a cruise vacation is getting to do a number of activities all over the ship with the convenience of being a short walk away from your stateroom should you need something or are ready to call it a night. As much fun as the ship’s common areas are, sometimes you just want to relax during your cruise in private – and that is easy to achieve with Celebrity Cruises’ luxuriously appointed staterooms and suites.

Celebrity Cruises has a number of staterooms and suite categories to appeal to a wide variety of traveler preferences and budgets. No matter which cruise cabins most appeal to you, on a Celebrity Cruises vacation you’ll find comfortable beds with sumptuous bedding, a separate sitting area, a bathroom stocked with toiletries, and a flat-screen TV.

Relax During Your Cruise on a Private Veranda

Talk to most longtime cruisers and they’ll tell you once you stay in a veranda stateroom it’s hard to ever cruise again without having your own private balcony. This is because there is something so peaceful and relaxing about sitting on your own secluded piece of outdoor space on the ship and watching the waves ripple toward the horizon and new scenery passing you by as your ship travels to new, beautiful destinations.

It’s also marvelous to be able to wake up on a port of call morning and simply take a few steps toward your own balcony to see the stunning views awaiting you of the new harbor your ship is residing in for the day.

Schedule breakfast room service the night before and have it delivered to your stateroom. Then enjoy it on your veranda for a relaxing, scenic start to the day without having to worry about looking presentable for the breakfast buffet.

Another way to relax during your cruise if you have a veranda is in the evenings before dinner. Passengers often like to take a breather in their stateroom before dinner after a busy day enjoying activities on the ship or in port. Get a cocktail from the Martini Bar and take it back to your stateroom for a pre-dinner drink with a view on your own private veranda. A veranda stateroom lets you create your own customized happy hour.

Relax in Front of the TV – and Put it to Use

Your cruise stateroom comes equipped with a state of the art television that you can use for more than just watching movies. Use your TV to easily order room service and have a meal or dessert delivered to you so you can keep having relaxing downtime in your room.

You can also use your TV to access the ship-specific channels. You can conveniently see the day’s onboard events and activities. You can also watch video recordings of enrichment talks delivered on board by destination experts about ports of call, including sightseeing and shore excursion highlights and shopping tips.

For those traveling in interior staterooms that don’t have windows, you’ll likely enjoy the channel that simply streams a video of the view from the ship’s deck – you can see daylight and the conditions outside without having to leave your stateroom.

Of course, if relaxing is what you have in mind in your stateroom, the stateroom television is also good for it’s main purpose – watching TV shows and movies. Celebrity Cruises has a number of channels you can surf through to find something to fit your mood, or you can get an on-demand movie, order some room service, and cuddle up in your comfortable bedding for a blissful night in during your cruise.

Couples Packages to Help You Relax Together During Your Cruise

If you’re traveling with your significant other and are celebrating a special occasion on board – or just want to up the romance factor during your vacation – get one of Celebrity Cruises’ Celebration Packages.

Your Celebration Package will be delivered to your cruise stateroom or suite and – depending on the package – can include wine or champagne, flowers, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and even a personalized cake.

Check Out Books and Board Games

Visit the Library on the ship to see the vast collection of books left behind by past cruisers. Choose one that sparks your fancy and take it back to your stateroom to read in privacy and relaxation.

If you want something that can be done with others, check out one of the board games from the library and bring it back to your room for a fun night of competition and laughs in your stateroom.

Blissfully Relax with an AquaClass Stateroom During Your Cruise

The AquaClass staterooms on Celebrity Cruises take relaxing during your cruise to a whole new level of bliss. Why? Because it comes with some rejuvenating spa amenities.

Guests in AquaClass staterooms get premium spa quality toiletries in their stateroom, a Hansgrohe or Bossini shower panel in the bathroom, aromatherapy diffusers, and a daily delivery of flavored teas.

Best, of all, AquaClass guests have unlimited access to the onboard Persian Garden spa lounge or The Sea Thermal Suite (the latter of which is on Celebrity Cruises’ new ship, Celebrity Edge).

Yes, you’ll have to leave your stateroom to enjoy this benefit of staying in an AquaClass stateroom, but it’s just one more way to relax during your cruise thanks to your AquaClass stateroom.

Another reason to leave your stateroom as an AquaClass guest is to go dine in Blu, a gorgeous restaurant with Mediterranean-inspired décor that is exclusive to AquaClass passengers. Blu serves healthy, spa cuisine that doesn’t compromise on deliciousness.

Butler Service

The Butler Service that comes with every suite on Celebrity Cruises can also help you relax during your cruise without having to leave your suite’s comforts. Your butler can serve you dinner on your private veranda course by course from one of the restaurants on board. They can also make sure your fridge is stocked with your favorite drinks and also deliver canapés at certain times of day for you to enjoy eating.

Butlers are available to assist with anything else you may need to ensure your cruise suite provides a relaxing and comfortable oasis during your vacation.

Relax During a Cruise Soon with Easy Vacation Planning

If you’re ready to relax during a cruise, find your ideal stateroom or suite and then effortlessly book your cruise, airfare, and activities all in one place thanks to Celebrity Cruises’ easy vacation planning. 

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