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Top Reasons to Visit Australia

Australia is known as the land down under due to its location in the South Pacific and its wild frontier reputation, but this continent is more than just kangaroos and wilderness. It is home to cosmopolitan cities, blissful beaches, historic landmarks, and so much more. And though its nickname makes it sound like it’s eons away, Australia has never been easier to visit.

Sun and Sand Reasons to Visit Australia

Vast sections of Australia get very little rain, meaning it’s a great country for sun seekers to visit. In addition, there are beaches of all kinds and sizes all around the Australian coast.

Spend a day or two in one of Australia’s many deserts, marveling at the desolate landscape, and the red hue of the dirt. Then escape the dry heat with a visit to sandy stretches of coastline along the Gold Coast in eastern Australia that feel like you’re at a beach resort on the Caribbean, or to the rugged and secluded beaches on the west coast that will have you thinking you were dropped on a remote island.

You can also discover the beaches of the Whitsundays, which are swirling visions of white sand amid bright teal water, of which the most famous is the picture-perfect Whitehaven Beach.

Wildlife and Wilderness Reasons to Visit Australia

Australia is home to an abundance of wildlife, and is famous for having the highest number of poisonous snakes that live there compared to any other country, plus many other poisonous and predatory species. However, you can rest assured the chances of you running into these species are slim if you do your research and avoid the areas that are their typical habitat.

Much of Australia’s wildlife can be found in its natural parks. Kangaroos are especially popular to see in Australia and some good places for seeing them are Murramarang National Park in New South Wales, Woodlands Historic Park in Greenvale, or on the beach at Lucky Bay in Western Australia.

The other place you’ll find lots of wildlife is in the ocean water surrounding the country. Whales, sea lions, exotic fish, sharks, and sea turtles are all waiting for you to see them on catamaran or snorkeling excursions.

Landmark and Architecture Reasons to Visit Australia

Australia is home to some impressive modern architectural feats as well as natural formations in the earth that are jaw-dropping to behold.

For architecture, the landmark at the top of most visitors’ list to see is the Sydney Opera House, an impressive structure that is built on the edge of Sydney Harbour and is famous for its roof that is in the shape of sails. The design also helps the acoustics of the performances that take place in the theater, which is a plus for those visiting who have the time to take in a show while there.

A natural landmark that often first pops into the mind as one of the top scenery reasons to visit Australia is Ayer’s Rock, also called Uluru. It’s a flat-topped mound of earth as large as a small mountain, and looks like a fitting place for aliens from outer space to land, especially since it’s surrounded by a vast expanse of desert landscape going in every direction. Ayer’s Rock is a breathtaking place to see at any time of day, but sunrise or sunset is especially alluring.

Another landmark that is a more sprawling one is the Great Barrier Reef. Stretching for over 1,400 miles off the coast of northeastern Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is home to an abundance of sea mammals, colorful fish, and vibrant coral. A popular way to experience the sights of the Great Barrier Reef is on a snorkeling or scuba diving tour, but you don’t have to get wet to see this famous reef. Helicopter tours take visitors hovering above the natural wonder, and the water is so clear that you can see the coral designs below and spot various types of sea creatures.

While these landmarks stand out, you’ll encounter memorable scenery and city landscapes wherever you travel in Australia.

Reasons to Visit Australia on a Cruise

Australia is a massive country; so large that it makes up an entire continent.

It can be expensive to travel around the country. Think: domestic flights to get from Sydney to Brisbane to Hobart to Perth – after you’ve already spent the money on flights to get to Australia from the U.S in the first place.

You also might think a road trip across the inland deserts and wilderness of Australia sounds exciting…until you’re in the middle of nowhere and your car breaks down or you encounter some wildlife while taking a break at a remote rest stop.

Avoid the expensive domestic flights and stressful road trips by traveling around Australia in the luxurious comfort of a cruise ship. Australia cruise itineraries often depart from Sydney and Melbourne, and you can do a city stay before or after your cruise to experience all of the epic sites to be found in each city.

Depending on the cruise itinerary you choose to take with us, you can sail along the iconic east coast or beautiful southern coast of Australia. Taking a cruise along Australia's east coast makes it easier to visit thousands of miles of coastline, home to iconic destinations. Visit the Great Barrier Reef from the Cairns or Port Douglas ports, and explore popular cities like Brisbane and Sydney all in one trip. The southern coast of Australia is home to beautiful coastline roads (don't miss the Twelve Apostles near Melbourne), famous vineyards and exciting cities like Hobart, Tasmania.

When traveling to each new destination, you’ll do so on board a comfortable ship where you’ll eat included meals and take in nightly entertainment – most of which is free! Australia can be quite expensive to visit beyond the flights since the price for drinks, food, and accommodations may be more than you’re accustomed to. But by taking a cruise your accommodation, meals, entertainment, and even kids’ clubs are all included in the price of your cruise, making it easier to stick to a budget.

Start planning your Australia cruise vacation today by browsing all our exhilarating Australia cruise itineraries and our last-minute cruises from Sydney.

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