Managing and Planning Your Upcoming Cruise FAQs


Understand and Update My Reservation


Managing Your Cruise

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Manage My Reservation

How do I edit and manage my reservation information or make additional payments toward my balance?

What is included in my cruise?

What if there is a misspelling in my name when I receive my invoice?

Can I upgrade my stateroom reservation to a suite online?

Do children's cruise tickets cost the same as an adult's?

Pay my Balance Due

How will I receive an invoice for my cruise?

If I've put down a deposit, how long do I have to pay my final payment/make a payment toward my balance?

When making final payment in my Guest Account, can I use a different credit card than I used for my initial payment?

Can I pay my balance due in the app?

How do I make a payment?

Transfer my Reservation

Can I transfer my reservation to a travel agent if I purchased my cruise directly from Celebrity Cruises?

Can I transfer my reservation to a different travel advisor than my current one or can I transfer my reservation from my current travel advisor to booking directly with Celebrity?

Celebrity Cruises' Cancellation Policy

What is Celebrity's cruise or Cruisetour cancellation and refund policy?

Is cruise/vacation cancellation protection available?

How can I request a refund if my cruise is cancelled?

Cruise Ticket Contracts & Other Policies

What are the terms of the cruise ticket contract?

Are there any terms and conditions that apply to my purchase of and participation in a shore excursion?

What is Celebrity Cruises’ Guest Conduct Policy?

What happens if a guest doesn’t follow Celebrity’s Guest Conduct Policy?

What is Celebrity Cruises’ Smoking Policy?

What is Celebrity Cruises’ Alcohol Policy?

What is the Celebrity Cruises' Age Policy?



Book and Manage My Cruise Add-Ons



What's the easiest way to book flights that align with my cruise dates?

What are the benefits of choosing Flights by Celebrity?

How do I use Flights by Celebrity?

When can I book Flights by Celebrity?

Can I request my airline seats?

Will I accumulate miles if I’m an airline loyalty member?

I am travelling with an infant, do they need a ticket?

Can I check in for my flights online?

Is Flights by Celebrity available to all residents?

Is there a fee to use Flights by Celebrity?

What type of air fares do you offer?

Why don’t I see basic economy fare options on my preferred airline?

What happens if I find a cheaper fare somewhere else?

Can I change my flights?

Can I cancel my flights?

What is your refund policy?

Why were my flights changed?

What happens when my flight is delayed or cancelled?

Are all fares refundable?

If I select a refundable fare, when is payment due?

How come when I select a refundable fare, I am being asked for credit card details?

How will I know that my flights have been confirmed without providing credit card details?

I have purchased one of these fares and I need to make a change, how will this be handled?

Are these fares fully refundable?

Is Pay Later available to all residents?


What is the beneift of booking a pre-cruise or post-cruise hotel stay and how do I book?


When and how can I book transportation to and from the airport?

Does my infant have to pay for transfers to the ship or airport?

Are there transfer options available for my Alaska Cruise?

What happens if I arrived late due to an airline arrangement and miss the cruise?

CruiseCare Travel Insurance

Do you offer travel insurance?

Celebrity Cruises Gift Card

What is the Celebrity Cruises eGift card and what can it be used for?

How will the recipient know I am sending them a gift card?

Where can I purchase gift cards? Can I purchase a physical Gift Card?

Can I purchase a gift card if I live outside the U.S. and U.S. Territories?

Are there any fees associated with the purchase of a gift card?

Can I change the value of a gift card after I've paid for it?

How do I cancel the purchase of a gift card?

How can I add a gift card to my onboard expense account?

Can a travel advisor use gift cards towards my booking?


What is Affirm?



Reserve My Onboard Experiences


How to Plan Online via Guest Account

How do I plan my cruise experiences online?

How to Plan via the Celebrity App

Why should I download the Celebrity Cruises app?

How do I download the Celebrity Cruises app and log in pre-cruise?

How much does the Celebrity Cruises app cost?

Can I download the Celebrity Cruises® app while I'm onboard?

Do I have to purchase an Internet package to use the Celebrity Cruises app onboard?

What if I'm unable to use the Celebrity App due to a disability or medical condition?

Purchasing Experiences Pre-Cruise

What kind of cruise experiences or products are available for purchase pre-cruise?

Why should I book experiences through Celebrity pre-cruise?

What onboard experiences aren't available to purchase or reserve pre-cruise?

How do I purchase Shore Excursions and when are they available to book?

Can I use Onboard Credit to purchase shore excursions pre-cruise?

Can I book a wedding onboard or in a destination when cruising on a Celebrity Ship?​

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