Eden is a mind blowing venue designed to entertain you by indulging every one of your senses in an atmosphere that changes from chillful mornings to playful afternoons to sinful evenings. Eden delivers a transformative experience that just as organically blends nature with design as it does culinary and performance art. It’s a fusion that creates a delightfully unexpected array of immersive experiences



No matter what time of day or night, a visit to Eden will awaken every sense, taste, sight, sound, smell, and touch

Awaken Your Senses

Eden features a lively, open air kitchen, and menus that deliver sensory and experiential dishes served by performance artists we call Edenists. Blend in entertainment produced by Variety Worldwide, a leader in fusing non-traditional theater with nightlife and dining such as Queen of the Night and Kazino. You’ll see, a visit to Eden will awaken every sense. No matter what time of day

Transformative Design

With a multi-level architectural design by Scott Butler, a founding partner in a nationally renowned practice dedicated to architecture for the arts, to the interior design by Patricia Urquiola, award-winning designer, art director, and visual genius, it’s unlike anything at sea—or anywhere.

Meet our Designers