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Known for its blush-colored beaches, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and spectacular aqua-adventures, Bermuda has captivated travelers for decades. If you’re planning a trip to this beautiful destination, you’re likely wondering how to get around Bermuda during your visit.

Here are some of the top ways to navigate this stunning locale.


Family biking in Bermuda

Hop on a bike rental and pedal your way around the island, watching the pastel buildings of St. George’s shift to views of the best beaches in Bermuda. With the sea breeze to keep you cool and no set schedule, you can simply ride and explore at your own pace. Or, bring your bike aboard the local ferries to extend your cycling trip.

Bermuda Railway Trail overlooking the water

Bermuda Railway Trail

Biking is a great way to experience the Bermuda Railway Trail, which treats bicyclists to both Bermuda’s natural beauty and its historic sites across what was once a functioning railroad.

Many travelers opt to experience the cobblestoned streets of St. George’s on a “pedal bike,” as they’re called in Bermuda, pedaling down Water Street past shops and local eateries. You can venture as far as Tobacco Bay and take a quick break at the historic, formidable Fort St. Catherine for impeccable seaside views.

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Pink buses in Bermuda

Bus Depot in Hamilton, Bermuda Photo by Andrew Currie on Flickr, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

For those who prefer to experience a destination from a comfortable coach, keep an eye out for the pink Bermuda Breeze buses. This is a particularly convenient option when you’re considering how to get around Bermuda.

Look for blue or pink poles to indicate bus stops. Blue poles signify routes heading away from Hamilton, the capital at the center of the islands, and pink poles mark routes headed toward Hamilton.

Having extra pocket change is really helpful if you plan on using the bus system in Bermuda. Pay the exact fare in coins, but not bills. You can also save in the long run by using tokens, tickets, or passes instead of paying per ride. These will work on both buses and local ferries.

Buses are the perfect way to hop from attraction to attraction while seeing more of Bermuda’s singular beauty on your ride.

Carriage Ride

Horse-drawn carriage in Royal Naval Dockyard Photo by Craig Stanfill on Flickr, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

For aspiring time travelers, hopeless romantics, or couples on a Bermuda honeymoon, the island’s horse-drawn carriages will get you from A to B in complete style. Carriage rides are one of the best options for travelers looking to mainly explore in town.

Before cars, the horse-drawn carriage was the de-facto way islanders got around. Today, they’re used far more often by tourists than the locals. Listen as hooves clack against historic cobblestone streets, learning the rich stories of Bermuda’s history along the way. Carriages operate from the passenger terminal on Front Street in Hamilton, King’s Square in St. George’s, and Royal Naval Dockyard adjacent to King’s Wharf.

Sea Express Ferry

Bermuda Fast Ferry

Bermuda Fast Ferry Photo by kansasphoto on Flickr, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

A fast and fun way to travel during your vacation is on the Sea Express ferry system. Ferries are clean, spacious, and air-conditioned. Tokens, tickets, and passes for buses can also be used on the ferry system.

Plus, you can bring along a bike or moped, doubling how many miles and sights you can see once you step off the ferry.

One of the most popular ferry routes departs from Royal Naval Dockyard every hour. The blue route will arrive in Hamilton in just 20 minutes. If you’re headed to St. George’s, the orange route will get you there in an hour. Pink and green routes serve other communities like Cavello Bay, Hamilton, Paget, Rockaway, Warwick, and Watford Bridge.


Mopeds parked in Bermuda


Sun on your face, wind in your hair—a moped may be just the ticket to get around Bermuda on your own schedule. Stop on a whim to check out a beckoning beach, quaint little alley, or boutique.

Plenty of locals use mopeds as a primary method of transportation, especially near the Royal Naval Dockyard. During the popular Bermuda cruise season, you’ll see mopeds zooming off in the direction of the beach often.

Scooter rentals typically include a helmet, lock, insurance, training, and breakdown service. If you rent a scooter, always wear a helmet for your safety. You’ll drive on the left side of the road, and you should follow the 20mph speed limit.


Taxi in Bermuda

Bermuda Taxi Photo by Tony DiGirolamo on Flickr, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Taxis are one of the most convenient modes of travel in Bermuda. Some drivers are also knowledgeable tour guides, so you can strike up a conversation with your taxi driver to discover the best local spots. You can also ask your driver to be your tour guide for the day.

Taxis in Bermuda have fixed rates, meters, and rate cards. The base fare includes up to four passengers, but you’ll find rates are slightly higher from midnight to 6 a.m., on Sundays, and public holidays.

Shore Excursions

Couple on a catamaran ride in Bermuda

Catamaran cruise

Don’t want to wait for a taxi, pedal uphill, or take the ferry? If you’re visiting Bermuda on a cruise, the easiest way to get around is with a shore excursion. No matter what activity you choose, transportation comes included, so you don’t have to plan a thing.

Whether you book an intimate catamaran experience through the azure waters of the North Atlantic Ocean or a sightseeing trip on a spacious coach with a group of friends, shore excursions make it easy to experience the best of the island without worrying about logistics.

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Catamaran in Bermuda

Now that you know how to get around Bermuda, you can start planning your island getaway. On a Bermuda cruise, you’ll spend three days exploring the pink sands, unique culture, and interesting towns.

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