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If you’re looking for a vacation destination where the crowds are never overwhelming, there’s an island destination in the middle of the Atlantic you’re bound to love: Bermuda. Located about 1,400 miles east of Charleston, South Carolina, Bermuda is far from most other tropical islands. That—combined with Bermuda’s English-meets-island culture—makes it one of the most fascinating islands to visit if you love history, beaches, and warm-weather adventures.

Of course, since Bermuda is much further north than most tropical islands, you may be wondering when the best time to visit Bermuda is to ensure you can enjoy the beaches and water sports. If you’re excited about snorkeling and scuba diving, rum tasting, island tours, and walking along the beach to hidden coves, discover the best time to visit Bermuda, along with ideas for what to see and how to pack for the perfect getaway.

When is the best time to visit Bermuda?

Couple kayaking in Bermuda

While Bermuda is beautiful year-round, it’s no secret that summer is the best time to visit. That’s because Bermuda is all about the beach, and nearly every day of every month from June to September has perfect beach weather. Summer is when you’ll have the most options for beach activities ranging from kayak and paddleboard rentals to snorkeling, scuba diving, and sailing trips. Most tour operators run several tours each day in the summer.

Ideally, you’d opt to visit Bermuda during June or July, rather than August, as it tends to be more humid and occasionally rainier, and most of the island’s hurricanes tend to hit towards the end of summer and early fall.

Most of Bermuda’s fun festivals also happen during the summer, including many sailing races. Even if you’ve never set foot on a sailboat, it’s exciting to watch the massive and colorful ships speed through the waters as they ride the wind just offshore.

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What’s the weather like in Bermuda during the summer?

Beautiful view of Horseshoe Bay Cove on a sunny day

Horseshoe Bay Cove

In a word, perfect—assuming, of course, that your idea of a perfect day consists of temperatures in the mid-80s with a slight breeze. Of course, the warmest months are July and August, but by June, average daytime temps are in the upper 70s and low 80s. Combine that with blazing sunshine, and it’s the ideal weather for spending a few hours lazing in the sand.

There’s usually not much of a dip in the temperature at night, which is another reason why summer is the best time to visit Bermuda. It’s the best time of year for outdoor dining, as you can stay out until 10 p.m. and not need more than a light sweater, at most.

What is there to do during the summer in Bermuda?

Summer is the best time to visit Bermuda not just because of the weather, but because of the nearly endless activities available. Between hiking, beaches, water sports, cultural experience, and fantastic Bermuda food and dining, you could take several trips to the island and never do or see the same thing twice.

Find your Favorite Island Rum

Cups of rum while on a catamaran cruise

Gosling’s Rum

If you’re going on a romantic couple’s vacation or traveling with a group of adult friends, take time to check out Bermuda’s rum scene. At the Gosling’s Rum Factory, you can sample six different island-blended rums, including several reserve blends. It’s hard to visit the factory on your own, but you can usually find laid-back tours that include chances to speak with the producers themselves and even try some rum-infused snacks.

Learn about Bermuda’s English History

Couple strolling around Fort Scaur

Fort Scaur

Travelers interested in history will probably want to visit a few of the island’s historical sites, like Fort Scaur or Fort St. Catherine. Since Bermuda is quite remote and was once a key outpost in the Atlantic Ocean, the British built several forts around the island to defend it against both foreign invasion and pirates. Visitors can tour the forts and learn about the island’s fascinating maritime and political history. Most forts are open year-round, but they’re best visited in the summer since they’re the perfect spot to cool down a bit when you need a midday break from the sun.

See an Underwater Shipwreck at Night

Shipwreck seen while snorkeling in Bermuda


If you’re visiting the island with kids (or anyone with a sense of adventure), one of the most unique things to do in Bermuda is to embark on an evening shipwreck tour. From the comfort of a glass-bottom boat, you’ll sail out to one of Bermuda’s most famous shipwrecks from the 1800s: the H.M.S. Vixen. Tours take place just after sunset, and once the captain turns on the underwater lights, you’ll get an amazing view of the reef and the creatures that live there, many of which stay hidden during the day.

As you admire the underwater world, the boat crew will share stories about the on-the-water world of yesteryear, including tales of pirates and the island’s history. It’s one of the few ways you can get a scuba-diver’s view of Bermuda without ever getting wet.

Explore the Railway Trail

Couple hiking along the Railway Trail

Railway Trail

Travelers who enjoy being active while on vacation will agree mid-summer is the best time to visit Bermuda since it’s the peak season for watersports like paddleboarding, parasailing, and snorkeling. But if you’re looking for a terrestrial adventure, be sure to check out the Railway Trail, one of the island’s best hikes.

The 18-mile trail runs the length of the island and follows the route of the former tourist train from the 1930s. The rail shut down in the 1940s when cars were introduced to the island, and now, it’s a scenic trail with several access points. You can hike as many or as few sections as you’d like.

What should I pack for a Bermuda vacation?

Couple relaxing at Elbow Beach

Elbow Beach

As with any visit to a tropical island, be sure to pack several swimsuits and beach cover-ups like sarongs, t-shirts, or board shorts. You could spend every day at the beach, but you want to ensure your skin is protected if you’re spending hours in the sun.

Couple on a catamaran ride

Catamaran cruise

For walking around the island during the day, you’ll be fine in shorts and t-shirts. However, the island does tend to be a little more formal than other islands (thanks to that British influence), so try to pack a few elevated beach outfits.

For example, when visiting a restaurant for dinner, men will want to wear polo shirts and slip-on beach shoes, while for women, dining out is a chance to sport a long sundress or linen pants. Espadrille sandals can be an elegant way to dress up your daytime sundress for nighttime wear, and since Bermuda does have some fairly elegant restaurants, feel free to toss a linen suit or a light-colored Panama hat in your bag for a more formal evening out.

Since summer is the best time to go to Bermuda, you won’t need much in the way of clothing to keep you warm, aside from a light pair of pants and a light sweater if a breeze picks up in the evening.

Rain doesn’t usually last very long in Bermuda, but if you’re planning on an activity where you can’t escape the rain (hiking, for example), you’ll want to bring a very lightweight rain jacket and maybe a waterproof backpack. Be sure to pack at least one pair of shoes that can dry quickly, like durable hiking or athletic sandals, for wearing on days when there’s a chance of an afternoon storm. Bring a pair of non-flip-flop footwear in your bag for dinners or a formal tea time.

Couple snorkeling in Bermuda


Otherwise, your usual summer wear should do just fine. You’ll also want to bring sunscreen, and beach accessories like a snorkel and mask or a collapsible beach bag are always smart ideas, too.

Bermuda has excellent shopping from both high-end designer boutiques to stores selling affordable island-made goods, so if you forgot something, you’ll probably be able to buy it in Bermuda without much trouble.

What beaches are best to visit in the summer?

Summer is when Bermuda’s beaches come alive, which is why so many people consider the warm months of June and July to be the best time to go to Bermuda. The island is famous for its pink-sand beaches, though there are beaches for every kind of traveler.

Horseshoe Bay Beach

Small waves and pinkish shore of Horse Shoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay Beach

Horseshoe Bay Beach is Bermuda’s most well-known due to its stunning pink sands, making it a favorite among couples on a Bermuda honeymoon. Multiple small beaches and coves run the length of the shore here, and you can walk between them relatively quickly. If you head east from the Horseshoe Bay Viewpoint, you’ll pass by Butt’s Beach (with amazing snorkeling), followed by Hidden Beach, Jobson’s Cove, then Warwick Long Bay Beach.

Having so many fantastic beaches close to one another helps spread out the crowds, so even though the secret’s out that summer is the best time to visit Bermuda, you won’t feel at all like there are too many people on the island.

Clearwater Beach

Clear blue water of Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach

In the heat of summer, there’s no more pleasant place for explorers to be than Clearwater Beach, the northern tip of the infamous “Bermuda Triangle.” It’s a bit off the beaten path for most travelers, so it’s never as crowded as the island’s more well-known beaches. The shallow, clear water is ideal for snorkeling in Bermuda.

You can walk from the beach to the Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve, a prime spot for birdwatching and admiring the incredible views of Nonesuch Island and Pear Rock. A few snack shops are available around the beach, but it’s not as developed as some of the beaches closer to Hamilton.

Snorkel Park Beach

Couple snorkeling in Bermuda with fishes

Snorkel Park Beach

Whether you’re traveling with kids you need to keep entertained or just want an easy beach day near the Royal Naval Dockyard, the aptly named Snorkel Park Beach will have you covered. The best time to be here is in the summer when local bands play in the sun outside the tasty Hammerheads Bar & Grill, and you can rent everything from pool floats to jet skis on-site. If you’re up for a little adventure, consider trying a snuba tour or renting an underwater scooter to maximize your snorkeling experience.

Part of the reason summer is the best time to go to Bermuda is because the waves are small and the water is clear, making for ideal swimming conditions. But it also means that the conditions are nearly perfect for scuba diving, and you can sign up for a shallow intro to scuba dive right at Snorkel Park Beach, even if you’ve never dived before.

What else to know about summer in Bermuda

Since summer is the peak time to visit Bermuda, expect the summer months to be busier than the winter. Of course, since Bermuda is quite remote, busy in Bermuda isn’t the same as busy in the Caribbean, so you can still find space for yourself fairly easily. Consider visiting the popular beaches mid-week rather than on the weekends, or going to the beach in the morning and getting out on a kayak or renting snorkel gear in the afternoon if you’re looking for a relaxed experience.

Between pink-sand beaches, amazing shopping, the thriving underwater world, and the fascinating blend of culture on land, there’s so much to do on the island. And since summer is the best time to visit Bermuda, the days are long—you can pack several activities in each day and still have plenty of daylight left for an alfresco dinner in the evening.

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