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Beyond pink sand and green fairways, lies a world of magical wonders.

Bermuda’s beaches and golf courses are legendary, but beyond the pink sand and lush greens you’ll find a 21-square-mile island packed with experiences you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Take a break from the beach and check out the Crystal Caves, one of Bermuda’s most amazing natural wonders. Cave divers from around the world come here to explore the submerged passages of these spectacular limestone formations, with their stunning stalactites, stalagmites, and deep-blue pools, 120 feet below the surface.

Crystal Cave was discovered in 1907 when two young boys were searching for a lost cricket ball. Three years later, this breathtaking discovery was opened to the public with a modern infrastructure that’s been built for you to comfortably see the eye-popping crystal formations and a subterranean lake. The cave has inspired many people in history, including Mark Twain and the Bermudian creator of Fraggle Rock.

You can experience the beauty of Crystal Caves on a Celebrity Shore Excursion that also takes you to explore Bermuda’s Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, or one that shows you the hidden gems of Bermuda. Some of our sailings that will take you to these places are here.

For another unique experience, visit Walsingham Nature Reserve, a true island original. This 12-acre natural wonderland is known locally as Tom Moore's Jungle, named for the celebrated Irish poet who wrote some of his best-known works here while sitting under a calabash tree. Walking along the woodland trails, under a thick canopy of trees and lush vegetation, you may feel that you're exploring a jungle paradise. And you are.

Along the trails you'll see mangroves, several bird species, and natural swimming grottoes like the famous Blue Hole, part of Blue Hole Park, which is located within the Reserve. The Blue Hole itself is a large, deep pool fringed by mangroves that provides an enticing spot to swim surrounded by forest. A network of underground tunnels connects the pools and caves with a steady supply of water. Both land and sea treasures are perfect for an off-the-beaten-path day of hiking, snorkeling, swimming, or wildlife watching. You'll also come across Causeway Cave, a deep-water grotto fed by the tides of Castle Harbor. Another favorite spot for more swimming, snorkeling, or rock climbing.

When you visit Bermuda, make sure to explore it to the fullest.

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