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Our Newest Ship Arrives

Beginning with a float out from the shipyard in St. Nazaire, France, Celebrity Beyond℠ has arrived. This past month has been filled with exciting reveals, and it’s no surprise that this new addition goes way beyond all of our expectations. It’s wonderful to see everyone as excited as we are. In case you missed the celebrations, here’s a chance to watch coverage of the float out, our big reveal, and a panel discussion with Lisa Lutoff-Perlo and the team (exclusive to Captain’s Club members).


Float Out


Virtual Reveal


Captain’s Club Exclusive Q&A

Thanks for Joining Us for Our Virtual Ship Reveal

We hope the reveal of our newest ship—Celebrity Beyond℠—has you as excited as we are.


We can’t wait to welcome you aboard in the near future. Until then, enjoy these Celebrity Beyond backgrounds to add a little travel inspiration to your day.


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