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Award-Winning Thailand Cruises

Thailand has long been a backpacker destination, but discerning luxury travelers are also now realizing the allure of this beautiful country. With a mix of big city living, rugged mountain landscapes, tropical islands, and intriguing wildlife habitats, it’s no wonder Thailand is a beloved destination. Go to Thailand on one of our Asia cruises and you’ll arrive in style. Once there, our in-depth shore excursions will help you to experience the culture, whether you’re looking for local artisan crafts, traditional cuisine, historic temples, hiking escapades to remote villages, or sailing getaways.

Thailand cruises are typically part of Southeast Asia itineraries and the ports you’ll visit depends on from where your ship embarks. Our ships that sail to Thailand include our beautiful and fun-filled Celebrity Millennium and Celebrity Constellation.

Immerse Yourself in Rich Culture on a Thailand Cruise

Thailand has a wide array of things to see and do. Thailand cruise ports of call provide an easy starting point to the culture and scenery of Thailand. Here are some of the top highlights of Thailand you won’t want to miss.

The Grand Palace

Located in Bangkok, the Grand Palace is a must-see for all travelers who visit Thailand and want to see first-hand the temples and ornate architecture of the country. The Grand Palace is also home to the famous Emerald Buddha, a small, but powerful Buddha statue located in Wat Phra Kaew temple.

Ko Phi Phi Leh

This tiny island is located a boat ride away from the much larger island of Phuket (a popular cruise port of call) and is famous for being the location of the movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. It also is famous for it’s circular bay, long sandy beach, and jungle-like interior.

Long Tail Boat Ride and Island Hopping

One of the iconic ways to get out on the sea in Thailand is on a wooden long-tail boat, which is a long, narrow boat that has a large beam curving off the end of it. In addition to long-tail boats, speedboat and catamarans are also available to whisk you away to tropical locales.

Featured Thailand Cruise Ports

Cruises to Thailand will take you to some of the best regions of the country. You’ll find a port of call collection that mixes big city living with island life as your ship sails to the frenetic city of Bangkok or the lush islands of Phuket. What you’ll find in each Thailand cruise port varies, but culture and cuisine are just a shore excursion away in all of them.


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Popular Shore Excursions in Thailand

When cruising to Thailand, shore excursions are an excellent way to get a more in-depth look at the sights, sounds, and tastes of Thailand. During your shore excursion, you’ll learn about local customs and ancient history and how it all ties together to make up the Thailand you’ll witness today.

Taste the Local Cuisine with a Celebrity Chef

Chef’s Market Discoveries are exclusive shore excursions that are offered in select ports, including ones you’ll visit during a cruise to Thailand. On these excursions, you’ll explore Thailand with a Celebrity Cruises chef and learn all about the local flavors followed by a private dinner that night.  

Temple Tours

Thailand’s intricate temples are iconic due to their historical and religious importance. Visiting Thailand’s temples on a shore excursion is an effortless way to visit them, and you’ll learn from a local expert about the architecture, artwork, design, and history of the temples you’re looking at.

Bangkok City Tour

On a shore excursion that focuses on taking you to all of the top sights of Bangkok travelers can’t miss, you’ll get a great overview of the city. Visit the Grand Palace and Wat Arun, take a river cruise down the canals that go through the city, and shop in some of Bangkok’s stellar malls and markets.

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Helpful Tips Before You Go


Cruises to Thailand typically occur during the winter months. Summer is monsoon season in Thailand, which is why you won’t find cruises there that time of year. Our Thailand cruise ports of call are included in our Southeast Asia cruise itineraries, which you also may see referred to as Vietnam and Thailand itineraries. The Phuket cruise port is included on our Best of India and Sri Lanka itineraries.

Packing for a cruise to Thailand can be tricky due to the weather and local dress customs. The temperatures in Thailand during the Asia cruise season can reach in the 80s and 90s, meaning you may be tempted to just wear shorts and a tanktop every day. However, certain places of worship, such as most temples, in Thailand have a strict dress code if you want to tour. One such place is the Grand Palace in Bangkok, which requires both males and females to have knees and elbows covered before entering.

Pack a lightweight, breathable pair of pants, such as breezy cotton or linen. A long-sleeve linen top will also come in handy to have in your suitcase, or women may want to stick in a light shawl to cover your shoulders with during temple tours and which can be stowed away in your daypack the rest of the time.

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