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Explore Alaska

Journey through the wild terrain of Alaska with our Alaska cruises and discover the natural wonders that await as the rugged beauty of this pristine frontier unfolds. Set out on an unforgettable adventure where you’ll get up close and personal with 30-ton whales, zip-line through nature to the Mandenhall Glacier, or take flight high above the snow-capped lands and glaciers. And, with our Cruisetours, you can combine your cruise with an exciting land tour where you’ll stay in authentic lodges and travel remote roads and railways in deluxe transportation. Experience our award-winning Alaska cruises and take your sense of wonder to new heights.

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    Hubbard Glacier, Alaska

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    Juneau, Alaska

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    Inside Passage, Alaska

Celebrity Recommended Experience

Sail the Northern Glaciers with Celebrity Cruises and take in the views of bays, mountain goats and orcas. Or head south on a cruise beginning in Seward, Alaska, and witness seals sunbathing on rocks and pods of humpback whales breaching the surface of the water when hunting. Our Alaska cruises are as charming as the sights and adventures you’ll encounter, with modern luxury at every corner.

Alaska Glacier Cruises

3 stunning ships. 3 types of itineraries. 13 ports of call.

Top Ports

Juneau, Alaska

Here's your chance to take a glacial dogsled adventure in Alaska's capital, where cultured sophistication meets the ruggedness of the Last Frontier.

Icy Strait Point

For thousands of years, the Tlingit Indians have called this place home. Located near the city of Hoonah, and home to a historic cannery, Icy Strait Point also offers travelers the chance to view wildlife like humpback whales, orcas, seals, eagles, and brown bears, or to explore monuments to the region's fishing heritage.

Skagway, Alaska

The great Klondike Gold Rush lives on in Skagway's charming downtown of restored 19th-century buildings and its historic railway. Located on the edge of the wilderness, this small town saw its fair share of gold rush, get rich dreamers pass through. Today, it’s residents are more than welcome to share the stories of its untamed past. And there’s so much fascinating history to uncover on a Skagway cruise. 


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