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Eden Restaurant

A unique culinary journey that transports you through Eden itself.

Where dining is taken to new and exciting places

Eden Restaurant features a lively, open-air kitchen and menus that deliver sensory and experiential dishes served by performance artists we call Edenists. Let your inhibitions go and set your senses free with innovatively mouthwatering specialties inspired by nature. Dinner at Eden Restaurant isn’t a meal—it’s a personal culinary journey that transports you through Eden itself. Before entering Eden Restaurant, you’ll start at Eden Bar on the second level. Subtle cues will excite your senses and lead you on a path to Eden Restaurant on the first level. Once seated, your Edenists will serve a choreographed series of culinary temptations that will not only thrill your taste buds, but every other sense as well. Just when you think it’s finished, you’ll once again be prompted by sensory cues that tempt you back up to Eden Bar for The Crescendo—an amazing end to your experience.

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    Meals Served


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    Contemporary Fine Dining

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    Dress Code

    Smart Casual

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