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Hot Glass Class

Transform shapeless blobs of molten glass into beautiful artwork and functional tableware. Glassblowing, pioneered during the early Roman Empire, exploits the strong chemical bonds and unusual viscous structure of hot glass

Now you can learn glassblowing techniques on your next cruise vacation. Start your discovery with a mesmerizing hot-glass show on the first day of your sailing. Then sign up for your 20-minute Hot Glass Class, offered several times during the cruise. Adults and kids are welcome. Just be at least 8 years old-3 if you bring your adult.


You'll work with an instructor in the studio to create your very own sparkling piece, included in the class fee. Choose the colors, then choose from eight enchanting designs that you can make

When your masterpiece has cooled-which takes a while-we'll wrap it in protective bubbles, ready for your suitcase. Every time you see it, you'll smile and remember your Hot Glass Class on board Celebrity EquinoxSM Celebrity Eclipse® and Celebrity Solstice®