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Valparaiso, Chile: The picturesque neighborhoods of Valparaíso extend up into the 45 steep hills overlooking this busy Chilean port and the Pacific Ocean beyond. Brilliant murals and wonderful street art in bright, bold color dominates this seaside town. There’s so much to discover on a Valparaiso cruise. To explore the churches and architectural landmarks that make this a World Heritage site, ride the vibrant ascencores, a series of elevators that are over 100 years old. Many of the ascensores have ceased operation, however the few that are still running also offer wonderful birds eye views. Walk along the Caleto Portales Beach and take in the views of the ocean, the people, and the occasional sightings of sea lions sunbathing. Then, make your way to one of the many restaurants along the shore for delicious specialty dishes like empanadas, ceviche, the famous conger chowder and the freshest seafood.

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Sala de Arte Wenteche

You’ll find artwork by emerging Chilean artists at muralist Patricio Peña Oltra’s Sala de Arte Wenteche gallery. If you’re looking for a deal, small watercolors go for as little as $14; large paintings by Peña Oltra and his contemporaries, such as Fabiola Rojas and Mauricio Ojeda, sell for about $3,000.

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