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Suva is the capital of Fiji built on a peninsula jutting out into the sea. Its architecture is a mixture of modern and traditional colonial buildings. You'll discover it's natural beauty in as many as 78 parks, including the new Takashi Suzuki Garden, and Thurston Gardens, which was opened in 1913 and displays flora from throughout the South Pacific. Stroll through the narrow roads of the shopping areas, most notably Cumming street, where you can step back in history for a vibrant and colorful shopping experience among original colonial buildings.

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Pure Fiji Spa

Get pampered at Pure Fiji spa, owned by the Pure Fiji cosmetics company, known for incorporating local ingredients—such as coconut oil, dilo-tree nuts, and passionflowers—into its hair and skin-care products. Treatments range from coconut-sugar rubs and warm seashell massages and dilo-nut-butter wraps with banana leaves.

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