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If you’re looking to enjoy premium drinks on your cruise without having to worry about costs adding up during your vacation, then a cruise drink package is perfect for you.

That means as soon as you step onto the ship, you’ll have the option to enjoy a selection of premium coffees, beers, cocktails, frozen drinks, and wines by the glass as part of your cruise fare. The Classic Beverage Package also offers a 15% discount on all wine bottles on board.

There are several different cruise drink packages to choose from. You’ll pay one set price for all of your beverages during your vacation, providing a worry-free experience at sea.

For those who still need to choose between our alcohol packages or non-alcoholic drink packages, this helpful guide is your one-stop shop for information on all the different drink packages available on Celebrity Cruises.

How much are drinks on a cruise?

The important thing to remember is this: cruise drink packages are meant to make your vacation even better. You can choose the package that best suits your tastes and budget.

What types of beverages are available on a cruise?

From sustainable wines by the bottle to sparkling water, morning coffee to iced tea, Celebrity beverage packages hydrate, delight, and surprise our guests day after day. Orange juice, chilled fountain sodas, and charming, classic cocktails are all readily available at nearly every onboard restaurant, bar, or venue.

Are cruise drink packages worth it?

Ultimately, the guests who find cruise drink packages the most worthwhile are those who don’t want to worry about getting an unexpected bill at the end of the cruise. The convenience of knowing that your drinks are already paid for can help you relax into your well-deserved vacation.

People hanging out over drinks on the Rooftop Garden

There are special offers, including savings on bottles of wine, with certain packages. Many beverage packages are all-you-can-drink, which, if you calculate how much specific drinks cost, may save you money in the long run, especially if you’re interested in sampling exotic liquors or enjoying specialty coffee each morning.

If you are trying to keep an eye on how much you drink, starting with a lower tier drink package is always an option. Keep in mind that you can book your beverage package before your cruise and on embarkation day as well. There may also be savings when you purchase packages in advance.

What cruise drink packages are available on Celebrity Cruises?

There are options for both cruise alcohol packages and non-alcoholic options to suit all sorts of preferences.

Premium Beverage Packages include all of the options available in Classic Beverage Packages as well as premium coffees, juices and bottled and canned juices, San Pellegrino, Red Bull, Vitamin Water, Honest Iced Teas, craft and artisan beers, premium liquors, Coca Cola products, premium bottled water, wines by the glass, and a 20% discount on bottles of wine.

You can choose from the following beverage packages:

Classic Package

Couple enjoying a cocktail aboard Celebrity Cruises

With the Classic Package, choose from an incredible array of beers, spirits, cocktails, liqueurs, frozen drinks, and wines by the glass. You’ll also get 15% off all wines by the bottle.

Premium Package

The Premium Package includes specialty coffees and teas, craft and artisanal beers, spirits, cocktails, frozen drinks, Coca Cola products, premium bottled water, and wines by the glass. You’ll also receive a 20% discount off all bottles of wine.

What non-alcoholic packages are available?

Zero Proof Drink Package

Family chatting and drinking juice ondeck

All your basics are covered with this package, like juices, premium coffees and teas, and bottled water.

Onboard Bars & Lounges

Celebrity cruise ships have no shortage of exclusive bars and lounges to visit during your cruise, from laidback coffee spots like Cafe al Bacio, featuring coffee-inspired cocktails as well as the specialty standards, to glamorous mixology experiences at Martini Bar.

Cruise drink packages - Martini Bar

Stay for an evening flair show and live music at Martini Bar, where your bartender turns into the star of the show, mixing cruise cocktails and performing fun feats at the same time.

We’ve got bars to match your mood. Lounges that embody the essence of relaxation. Luxurious spaces and laid-back pub scenes so you can dress up or dress down depending on how you’re feeling that day.

Just like your neighborhood bar, you’ll discover spots to return to again and again during your cruise vacation. Or, you can take the spontaneous approach and try a new venue each day of your sailing.

Cruise drink packages - Sunset Bar

During the day, stick by the pool and sip on frozen cocktails at Slush, or try Pool and Mast Bar, which specializes in bar bites and classic drinks. Watch the sunset at the aptly named Sunset Bar, with a relaxing country-club atmosphere, before you head to dinner.

Enjoy live music and entertainment at Ensemble Lounge or the Sky Observation Lounge, designed with spectacular views, quirky astrological cocktails, or the perfect digestif to keep the night going after a delicious dinner at one of our specialty restaurants.

Late night crowds will love lounging in The Club on Celebrity Edge, where shows, DJ sets, and more evolve from day to night.  Or head to Eden on Edge, where artisanal cocktails in a lush atmosphere accompanied by live entertainment delight the senses.

Sommelier explaining wines to guests

Fine drinking is always in style at Cellar Masters and World Class Bar, where you can sip wines from around the world while accompanied by a knowledgeable sommelier ready to answer your questions.

With a cruise alcohol package all set, you can enjoy elevated spaces, thoughtfully curated menus, and stunning ocean views without ever having to worry about settling the bill. And with Celebrity Cruises, drink packages are unlimited. You can use the drink packages at the main restaurant, specialty restaurants, casual dining restaurants, and all bars and lounges.

Once you’ve booked the ultimate cruise vacation, add on one of our beverage packages for the best experience imaginable.

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