Seydisfjordur is an eclectic little town, tucked away at the end of a deep fjord in the east of Iceland. Surrounded by volcanoes, waterfalls, and in summer, green fields dotted with purple lupins, this former hub for herring fishing is a favorite stop on cruises to Iceland.

On a cruise to Seydisfjordur, walk alongside colorful wooden homes and the famous rainbow-painted street leading to the pretty blue church as you enjoy the fresh, crisp air. Immerse yourself in Icelandic art culture, and celebrate Seydisfjordur’s rich history as a creative community. Venture through incredible natural surroundings as you trek to the cascading Gufufoss waterfalls, and wander along the shore looking out for seals and porpoises before continuing on your Iceland cruise.

Please Note: While we don't currently sail to Seydisfjordur, you can still discover the beauty of the country on one of our Iceland cruises. Browse our cruises to Iceland below.

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