Paradise Bay, Antarctica Cruising Guide

On a cruise to Paradise Bay, Antarctica, you’ll discover paradise is in the eye of the beholder. As one of the earth’s coldest places, Paradise Bay isn’t for the faint of heart—but it’s hard to imagine a more beautiful or serene stretch of wilderness. On a scenic journey across the bay, your cruise ship will glide alongside towering glaciers bobbing ice floes as penguins and even whales dive into the icy waters.

Layer up in your warmest gear and soak up the views of Paradise Bay in the distance from the top deck on your Antarctica cruise. With a camera at the ready or a hot coffee in hand, you’ll enjoy cruising past the stunning landscapes without compromising on your favorite creature comforts. 

Top Things to Do in Paradise Bay

Grab Your Camera

Whether you’re an aspiring landscape photographer or simply an enthusiastic family scrapbooker, Antarctica’s natural beauty will leave you awed with every snap of your camera. Take photos of Paradise Bay’s massive blue-and-white icebergs, or take your time snapping the perfect portrait of a local penguin as it lounges on the shore.

Wildlife Watching

Animal enthusiasts may be surprised by the sheer quantity of wildlife that thrives here, but Paradise Bay is home to animal species both large and small. Humpback, minke whales, and crabeater seals splash in the waters nestled between the landmasses of Bryde and Lemaire, while entire communities of Gentoo penguins dive off ice floes and huddle together.

Admire Nature

A Paradise Bay cruise promises stunning views of Rojas Peak, Bryde Peak, and the Petzval Glacier in the near distance. Good visibility isn’t promised—after all, you’re in nature’s hands now—but even when blanketed in fog, the views from Paradise Bay are one of a kind. 

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Culture and History of Paradise Bay

In the 1920s, Paradise Bay rose to prominence as a site for whalers, but commercial whaling was officially banned in the area by the 1980s. By the 1950s and 1960s, Paradise Bay was better known for its two bases operated by Argentinian and Chilean researchers. Today, Paradise Bay is a staple on Antarctica cruise itineraries for its otherworldly serenity and beauty. 

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