Colón Shore Excursions: Enhance Your Panama Canal Cruise

As the gateway city on the Caribbean side of the Panama Canal, Colón is uniquely situated for you as a cruise passenger to schedule Colón shore excursions that expand and enhance your cruise to Colón.

The array of available Colón cruise excursions also ensures that you’re able to explore Panama’s beautiful, unspoiled flora and fauna with insightful naturalists and native guides, as well as enjoy learning about Panama’s colonial past, modern history, and tech-forward future.

Schedule Colón shore excursions to learn about the engineering feat that’s often called “the eighth wonder of the world,” the Panama Canal. On a full day cruise excursion, you’ll see a film that details the history of the Canal and experience the workings of the Miraflores Locks up close. At the Agua Clara Locks Expansion Center and Observatory Platform, you’ll see the construction process that enabled the canal to be built.

Discover Panama’s colorful history on Colón shore excursions to the old town of Portobelo, where the infamous pirate Captain Henry Morgan walked over 300 years ago. Stroll the ruins of the fort at San Lorenzo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Take a guided eco-cruise on Gatun Lake to see the island habitats that were created as a result of the construction of the Panama Canal. Glide along the shoreline and see the area’s wildlife in their natural habitat, like howler monkeys, iguanas, and tropical birds.

On a monkey watch tour to a rainforest resort, you’ll see white-faced capuchins and three-toed sloths, as well as other native wildlife. Or take an aerial tram tour of the Gamboa Rainforest for panoramic views and the chance to see exotic birds, monkeys, and hawks as you glide above the treetops.

Discover the ancient traditions of the Emberá tribe on a canoe trip to the Emberá Village in Chagres National Park. Interact with the tribe members and learn about how they have maintained their pre-Columbian way of life.  

Spend time in the capital city of Panama City. Enjoy the colonial architecture as you walk the Casco Viejo (old quarter). See the pre-Columbian treasures at Reprosa Museum and Factory, where you can shop for traditional jewelry and crafts and enjoy the city’s vibrant shopping and restaurant scene.  

A trip to the Frank Gehry-designed Biomuseo is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about Panama from its origin to the changes that resulted from the building of the Panama Canal.

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