Art by Man and Mother Nature: Mt. Fuji Shore Excursions

A chance to visit the country’s tallest peak, which is also an active volcano, is just one of the fascinating Mt. Fuji shore excursions available as you cruise to Asia. You’ll experience the dazzling beauty of the Honshu area on Mt. Fuji shore excursions that can take you as you please to enjoy the lovely and serene Lake Ashi, the city of Shimizu, with its medieval castle ruins, to the pine forests of Miho no Matsubara, or to the stunning Shiraito Waterfalls.

Beauty comes in many forms as you’ll see when you travel to Hakone National Park from your cruise to Mt. Fuji. The park offers incredible views of snow-capped Mount Fuji, which is the most recognizable symbol of Japan, one of Japan’s trio of sacred mountains, and a World Heritage Culture Site. Relax as you cruise along Lake Ashi in a Viking-style boat with a guide who will point out fascinating tidbits about Mount Fuji and its exquisite surroundings. Take an aerial gondola ride to view the Owakudani Valley and see the boiling and smoking action of the thermal springs from the best vantage point.

Mt. Fuji cruise tours to Shimizu highlight the area’s most venerable shrines, including Hongu Sengen Taisha, erected to appease Konohanasakuya-hime, Mount Fuji’s volcano goddess; Kunozan Toshogu, a masterwork of wood carving and lacquer; and Sengen, a trio of Shinto shrines near Shizuoka City that are nationally designated as Important Cultural Properties.

Discover art by man and revel in art by nature on Mount Fuji shore excursions to the Tokaido Hiroshige Art Museum, the pristine Miho no Matsubara pine forest, and the Shiraito Waterfall. The museum, showcasing the art of traditional woodblock prints, is dedicated to the acknowledged master of the art, Hiroshige and his contemporaries, and features over 1,400 prints in themed exhibitions. You can even try your hand at printmaking at a guided class that provides the paper, ink, and blocks.

Capture the full majesty of Mother Nature on film, phone, or video as you walk the pine grove-lined beach at Miho no Matsubara. This almost five-mile stretch of coastline, lined with over 50,000 pine trees, is part of the Mount Fuji World Heritage Site and has been revered for centuries. Hear the folklore surrounding the grove as you take in the stunning views of the always awesome Mount Fuji on this Asia shore excursion.

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