Koper Slovenia Port Guide

A Koper cruise is the perfect introduction to Slovenia, a historic port city with major Venice vibes, heavily influenced by Baroque and Gothic architecture, and its own style. When your cruise to Koper, Slovenia docks, head to the historic city center to see historic sites like Tito Square or the 15th century Praetorian Palace. Enjoy traditional Slovenian dishes like ombolo or signature Istrian wine during your time in Koper.

Just outside the city you’ll find abundant ecotourism opportunities for nature lovers, everything from truffle hunting excursions to descending into the massive stalagmite formations of the Postojna Caves, which you can tour via an underground train or on foot. Your experience in Koper and other nearby Adriatic seaside towns will be unlike any other destination on your Mediterranean cruise.  

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Top Sights & Attractions for Cruises to Koper

Tito Square

It’s a quick walk from the Koper cruise port—less than 5 minutes—to Tito Square, which embodies the essence of Koper. Full of Venetian architecture with a Mediterranean feel, start your tour of the city here and venture to nearby shops and cafes.

Slovene Riviera

Take a drive along the Slovene Riviera, which stretches along the Adriatic coast of Slovenia for less than 30 miles of seaside towns and opportunities to relax along the beach. Mestna Beach is in Koper not far from the marina, so you can start there and continue your riviera tour in Piran or Izola. Biking the coast and walking trails at state parks along the riviera are popular activities, too. 

Praetorian Palace

This is one of Koper’s most famous buildings, symbolizing the city’s Venetian and Gothic influence in one magnificent site. Today, it’s the home of the government of Koper. Learn all about the history of the palace on a guided tour.

Koper Cathedral

Near Tito Square is this 12th century Roman-Catholic church, The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The interior of the church pops with red fabric pews and black-and-white flooring unlike any other Cathedral you’ll see. Climb the City Tower to the top for views overlooking the entire city of Koper.

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Top Things to Do in Koper

Tour the Postojna Caves

Just 45 minutes outside of Koper are the Postojna Caves, a completely unique system of rock formations and it’s the second-largest cave system in the world. While on your cruise to Koper, Slovenia, you’ll find very few attractions quite like these caves. Hop on the underground train to see the entirety of the stalagmite caves in one ride.

Take a Wine Tour

For wine experts, Koper and the surrounding area is home to several wineries producing the region’s signature Istrian wines. At Vinakoper, you’ll tour the facilities to learn how they produce their wines, plus leave plenty of time for wine tasting.

Cycle the Parenzana Trail

The trail was once an old railway running through the olive farms and vineyards across Slovenia and even into Croatia. While on your Koper cruise, hop on a bike and explore the beautiful Slovenian landscape along the 80-mile Parenzana Trail.

Go Truffle Hunting

Book a truffle hunting tour during your time in Koper. You’ll spend two hours exploring the region’s forests for truffles, featuring a friendly guide and usually, a truffle-hunting dog. Slovenia’s truffle industry is famous around the world, and many varieties of truffles can be found in the Istria region of Slovenia.

Lake Bled

This lake in the Julian Alps is one of Slovenia’s biggest attractions. There’s a small island in the middle of the lake, which you’ll take a small wooden boat to get to. Tour Bled Castle, or hike to Vintgar Gorge for a cascading view of waterfalls and rock formations. Long revered for its thermal springs and natural beauty, canoeing and hiking are some of the biggest activities at Lake Bled.

Top Food and Drink Spots Near the Koper Cruise Port

Gostilna Oljka

Address: Vanganel 40, 6000 Koper, Slovenia

For traditional Slovenian eats, head to Gostilna Oljka near the Postojna Caves outside of Koper by about half an hour. Try one of the regional dishes, ombolo, which is  a marinated pork chop grilled with local sausages and served with sauerkraut.

Capra Restaurant and Cafe

Address: Pristaniška ulica 3, 6000 Koper, Slovenia

For a more upscale meal, Capra Restaurant and Cafe provides ambiance and original spins on Italian and Istrian dishes. There are fish of the day dishes, grilled octopus, roasted vegetables, as well as gluten-free and vegetarian options available here.

Kavarna Kapitanija

Address: Ukmarjev trg 8, Koper 6000, Slovenia

This family friendly cafe has a children’s area where they can play while you enjoy coffee, a slice of cake, or pastry. The cafe offers fresh smoothies as well as ice cream. It’s spacious and a great place to rest when you need a break from your exploration of Old Town Koper.

Snackbar 1964

Address: Istrska cesta 67, Koper 6000, Slovenia

American hamburgers and bar foods rule the menu here. Fried chicken, thick-cut fries, onion rings, and more are the comfort classics you’ll find at Snackbar. Stop in for a cold beer and American-style portions for a moderately-priced option in Koper.

Culture & History of the Koper Cruise Port

Koper is also the oldest town in Slovenia. It was named Capodistria by Venetian settlers, who controlled the area from 1279 to 1797, which became “Koper” as we know it. Throughout its history, Koper was occupied by the Romans, the Byzantine Empire, and others. Eventually, Koper was bundled into Yugoslavia until Slovenia gained independence in 1991.

The Old Town of Koper is one of its most historic areas, and the marina encouraged vibrant trade and commerce. Today, the cruise industry is slowly growing in Koper. Just a stone’s throw from Trieste, Italy—well, three or so miles away—is Koper. On your cruise to Koper, Slovenia, you might be surprised to find the city possesses heavy Italian influence, and Italian is the second language there. Most people will communicate in Slovene. Some shopkeepers will speak basic English to be mindful and helpful for passing tourists.


Koper Port Facilities & Location

The cruise port in Koper is the only one currently available in Slovenia, so Koper will be your introduction to Slovenia. It’s not huge or overwhelming, and historic Old Town is a quick walk from the port. Other than security, few amenities or services are available in Luka Koper. You’ll just have to head to Old Town for things you need. Some vendors selling souvenirs will be set up to greet you to Slovenia.

Transportation in Koper

Across from the port, you’ll find taxis lined up waiting to take you around town. If you’re looking to rent a car or a bike, it’ll take a fifteen minute walk to get to the city center where you’ll find rental services. Public transport via bus is also available. Note that city buses are all a bright red color.

Shopping Near the Koper Cruise Port

After your cruise to Koper, Slovenia docks in port, take a five minute walk from to Old Town, where you’ll find shops selling Slovenian crystals and glass, or items like local chocolates and sweets. A shopping mall will be a short drive from the cruise port. On weekends, you’ll find shops have different hours. Many shops close in the early afternoons on Saturday, and close on Sunday.

Local Currency & Tipping Customs

You’ll use Euros primarily while you’re in Slovenia, and cash tends to be more commonly used, although credit cards are accepted in many places. Be sure to ask before using a credit card while in Koper, and keep a little extra cash on hand to cover a meal or an admission fee to an attraction. Taxis sometimes take credit cards, but ask your driver beforehand. Tipping is recommended if you had excellent service at a restaurant, bar, taxi, or other service.

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