Kobe Shore Excursions: Panoramic Views & City Tours

There’s a lot of things to do in Kobe from a cruise ship, and Japan is a destination that effortlessly blends thousands of years of history with modern architecture and traditions unlike anywhere else on earth. Take a nighttime tour of the city and you’ll see the entire harbor lit up, especially the bright orange Kobe Port Tower.

While on Kobe shore excursions, you can take a trip to Kyoto less than 50 miles away, where you’ll hop from temple to temple, soaking up history and knowledge of Japanese traditions dating back thousands of years. Sightseeing at Toji Temple, Kyoto Tower, and the Zen Hojo Garden will take up a chunk of your day, and you’ll have a traditional lunch at a restaurant in Kyoto before heading back to Kobe.

Kobe beef is named for the city of Kobe, Japan, so be sure to try its namesake at one of the city’s finest restaurants while on your cruise to Kobe. The city puts modern spins on Japanese and Chinese classic dishes, and people in Kobe take their food seriously. Fresh, high quality sushi, ramen, tempura, and more are staples on Japanese menus.

Kobe shore excursions, like a half-day tour of Osaka, will showcase Japan’s beauty. In Osaka, visit the famous Sumiyoshi Taisha shrine, which is one of the oldest shrines in all of Japan and draws huge crowds each year on New Year’s Day. Walk the Taiko Bridge and learn about the unique architectural style of the Sumiyoshi Taisha.

Just outside of Kobe you’ll find Mt. Rokko, where you can take a cable car to get to the summit for incredible views of Osaka Bay and Kobe. There’s an entire museum devoted to music boxes and a botanic garden, as well as dining and entertainment for visitors. It’s a quaint spot, and there’s something for everyone to see during their day at Mt. Rokko while on Kobe shore excursions. It’s an Asia shore excursion you don’t want to miss.

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