Catalina Island Shore Excursions: Californian Island Life

Catalina Island is a small island off the coast of California directly to the east of Los Angeles. It has a lively main town (Avalon) with lots of shops and restaurants and is where Catalina Island cruise passengers will disembark the ship. Avalon is also a jumping off point for Catalina Island shore excursions, many of which let you experience the stunning nature of the area.  

There are plenty of things to do in Catalina Island, like experience some incredible scenic drives. During one of our Catalina Island shore excursions, you have options to see multiple parts of the island. Travel along the East End Trail and see Catalina’s beautiful rolling hills and get a bird’s-eye view of Avalon from the top of East End Peak.  

Another popular drive to go on during Catalina Island cruise excursions is an inland bus tour that takes you along 32 miles of Catalina’s inland beauty. Along the way, you’ll see a horse ranch, fox habitat, and plant nursery.  

Catalina Island is more than just land scenery. The salty water surrounding the island is home to an abundance of wildlife, including leopard sharks, sea lions, fish, and many other species. One of the best ways to see some underwater wonders while visiting Catalina Island is on a glass-bottom boat ride. You’ll have excellent visibility through the glass floor of the boat to see the sea creatures and plants underneath you. In addition, you’ll visit the picturesque Lover’s Cove Marine Preserve.  

Shore excursions that let you explore more of Avalon are also available. Take a walking tour along the harbor front to Catalina Casino, which houses a historic movie theater and ballroom, and learn about Catalina Island’s history along the way.  

Whether you prefer to explore more of the land or of the sea while in port in Avalon, Catalina Island shore excursions are sure to delight you with their focus on nature and the island’s interesting history.  

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