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Do It Here…Then Do It There

Who doesn’t love an island getaway? For SoCal residents, it’s easy to escape to an isle of beauty and relaxation when you visit Catalina Island. Located about an hour’s ferry ride from Long Beach or Newport Beach, Catalina Island has adventures and nature.

Visitors to Catalina Island have many different options for how to spend a day. You can leisurely walk around the quaint main town of the island, Avalon, and take in its old Victorian homes or marvel at the impressive sailboats that line its harbor. Cars are few and far between on the island, but you can get around by renting a golf cart for a couple hours and going on the scenic drive around Avalon with a detour to the botanical garden. For a fun beach day, head to Descanso Beach where you can rent a beach lounger for the day or lie on the sand and order drinks from the servers making rounds. Those looking for adventure can find some thrills at the zipline course.

Once you visit Catalina Island, you’ll probably crave for more island excitement, and when it comes to lovely, luxurious islands, it doesn’t get much better than Capri, Italy. Lush greenery, turquoise waters and opulent towns greet you at Capri. You can easily spend a day in Capri during a Mediterranean cruise that stops in Naples as Capri is a short ferry ride from the harbor where the cruise ships dock.

While in Capri, take the funicular up to Capri Town, where you can leisurely walk around, do some luxury shopping, admire immaculate gardens and enjoy a glass of wine at one of the relaxing cafes. Capri Town is also adjacent to a number of hiking trails from which you can enjoy rugged views of the Capri coastline.

Celebrity Cruises has numerous itineraries that stop in Naples, the gateway to Capri. You can even sail the Mediterranean to Capri onboard the Celebrity Silhouette, the first of our gorgeous and award-winning Solstice-class ships. Contact us today and get ready for your own Capri cruise vacation.

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