This sunny coastal town in southern Montenegro is not only the principal and largest seaport in the country but also the sunniest one—with 270 days of sunshine per year. Set against 27 miles of Adriatic coast, with nearly 6 miles of beach coastline, you’ll discover more than 20 breathtaking beaches on your cruise to Bar, where you can soak up the warm Mediterranean sun.

Exploring the area, you’ll find a diverse mix of cultures and activities like live discos, shows, old architecture—historic monasteries and churches—and sites like the Haj Nehaj Fortress, the Castle of King Nikola, and other 15th-century remnants. For a unique experience, seek out the Stara Maslina, one of the world’s oldest olive trees at over 2,000 years old. Get a taste of the area to take home by picking up some fresh local olive oil on your Mediterranean cruise.

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