Onboard Casinos

Can I use my SeaPass® card? How much can I withdraw?

What are the hours of operation?

What are the age requirements?

Is smoking allowed?

How do I learn about gaming tournaments?

What is the minimum bet?

Can table limits be increased?

Do you offer lessons?

Can onboard credit be used in casinos?

Is there a transaction fee in the casinos?

What currency is used?

Is my play tracked?

How do I apply for a line of credit?

Could I take my winnings in a form of a check?

Can I retain my Slot ticket for my next cruise?

Blue Chip Club Tier Basics

What benefits does the Blue Chip Club offer?

How long is my tier benefit valid for?

How will the ship know what tier I am in upon boarding?

What if I cannot visit during the review period? Will I be downgraded?

Where can I check my tier?

How do I get into higher tiers?

Can I use my tier benefits on any ship in the Celebrity Fleet?

Blue Chip Club Points

What is a tier point?

How do I earn a ‘Tier Point’?

What is a ‘Redeemable Point’?

How do I earn a redeemable point?

How much are my points worth?

Where am I able to redeem my points?

Can I save my redeemable points for future sailings? Do they expire?

Other Questions About Blue Chip Club

How do I redeem my annual cruise benefit?

I am in the ‘Sapphire’ tier and my wife is ‘Pearl’, do we both receive the tier benefits or just one of us?

What is included in the Casino Beverage package?

What is my per-sailing free play/table promo chip incentive?

How does the ‘Casino Host Event’ work? (Ruby & Sapphire guests only)

Are there reciprocal benefits with Captains Club, Crown & Anchor or Casino Royale?

Do I earn comps in addition to my tier benefits?

How do I redeem the on-board benefits?

Who do I contact for more information?

Blue Chip Club Benefits

What if I play enough to earn a higher tier during a sailing?

How do I check my tier points during a sailing?

How do I use my redeemable points?

How long are my tier benefits valid for?

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