What If Your Favorite Italian Piazza Could Travel with You?

Welcome to The Grand Plaza. Located at the heart of the ship, this stunning gathering place has an energy that draws everyone to it morning, noon, and night. When you first enter, the sheer size of it will amaze you. Three decks open up to create an airy space that you might find in a cosmopolitan city—it’s like nothing else at sea.

Inspired by the piazzas of Italy and the invigorating energy of everyone coming together to savor a taste of the good life, the Grand Plaza is home to our incredible specialty restaurants, along with our popular Martini Bar, and Café al Bacio.

Stunning touches like the three-story Chandelier and intricate hand-stitched screens boldly declare that this is the place to see and be seen. The Grand Plaza is a transformational place that offers a different experience every time you visit. From day to night, the lighting changes from warm and inviting to bright and dramatic. Ever-changing entertainment and fashionable kiosks make the atmosphere spontaneous and your surroundings chic.

Discover the talented design team, Jouin Manku and how their design approach makes the Grand Plaza so unique.

Welcome to The Grand Plaza

Explore the transformational touch of Paris-based duo Jouin Manku that can be found throughout the most anticipated new ship of the year.

Café al Bacio

On Edge® Series, Café al Bacio is more inviting than ever, with views of the Grand Plaza’s ever-evolving action on the inside and the ocean and gorgeous places you’ll visit on the outside. Settle into comfortable seating underneath a stunning glass art installation and refuel with a cappuccino or white chocolate mocha, along with an array of complimentary pastries.

Martini Bar

Our always-popular Martini Bar is now the focal point of the entire Grand Plaza. The Chandelier, a breathtaking light fixture-meets-art installation immediately draws your eye from anywhere in the space. Below its atmospheric glow, the bar curves gracefully around to invite conversation and interaction with our talented flair bar tenders who’ll impress you with their gravity-defying skills. Pull up a chair, raise a glass, and toast to new friends and exciting new experiences.

Learn About Our Talented Edge Designers: Jouin & Manku

Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku, Lead Design Team – The Grand Plaza

Jouin Manku’s design work on Edge Series reminds you that you’re traveling—that you’re on a journey of discovery. They do this in so many unique ways, from their elegant interpretation of a pendulum in the main dining atrium, to the ship’s bare bones they artfully left exposed. Discover the incredible spaces of the Grand Plaza that make it the place to see and be seen.

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