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The best time to visit the Amalfi Coast is in the spring and the fall. During these months, the area enjoys plenty of sunshine with minimal rainy days—perfect for long afternoons in sidewalk cafés or in the area’s famed lemon groves.

May and September are two of the most popular months to visit, with temperatures hovering around 80℉ (26℃ ) during the day to 69℉ (20℃) in the evenings. The monthly rainfall during this period typically is around two inches (50mm), meaning travelers seldom have to worry about heavy showers.

Visiting the Amalfi Coast by Season

Scenic view of Amalfi Town

Amalfi Town


Summer is peak tourism season on the Amalfi Coast, particularly with Italian families looking to kick back and relax during the month of August. During this season, most days enjoy around 14 hours of sunshine and blue skies.

The entire month of July only averages about one inch (24 mm) of rain. Temperature highs range from 80℉ (26℃ ) in June to 86℉ (30℃ ) in August, meaning it’s mostly perfect beach weather.

Thanks to the refreshing sea breezes, the Amalfi Coast seldom reaches the scorching temperatures of internal cities like Rome.


With highs of 80℉ (26℃ ), September is arguably the best time to go to the Amalfi Coast. As fall progresses, it brings cooler, rainier weather. Even with the added chill, there’s a lot to enjoy about the autumnal months.

Fall is harvest season, which brings with it an avalanche of chestnuts and other local delicacies that end up on restaurant tables.


Winter season tends to see the fewest visitors to the area, thanks to cooler temperatures and regular rainfall. Even during December and January, however, the southern location of the Amalfi Coast and its proximity to the ocean keeps temperatures relatively mild.

The winter months tend to be the wettest and the chilliest, with temperatures dropping to around 46℉ (7℃ ) in January. This tends to be the low season on the Amalfi Coast.


Spring on the Amalfi Coast is lovely, particularly in May when temperature highs are around 72℉ (22℃ ). It’s during this month that the region’s famous lemon groves burst into bloom, lending a wonderful fragrance to the area. Celebrations for these prized citrus fruits tend to fall in April and May.

When is Rainy Season?

Rainy season typically runs from October to February each year. While the beginning of October still tends to be pleasantly sunny, the days get progressively cooler and damper as the month winds down. November sees the highest precipitation, with an average rainfall of 6.4 inches (163 mm).

Beach in Amalfi Town

Amalfi Town

When is High Season?

Since the Amalfi Coast is a popular holiday destination for European families, high season is during the summer months while school is out.

August in particular tends to be busy as locals flock to the beaches on the Amalfi Coast. Although it can get quite hot during the day at this time of year, a refreshing dip in the sea is never far away.

When is Shoulder Season?

The two shoulder seasons on the Amalfi Coast are September to October and April to May. They also happen to be two of the best times to visit, since the days tend to be sunny and warm. With fewer crowds and minimal rain, both are ideal times to enjoy the scenery.

Waterfront of Positano


When is Low Season?

Low season on the Amalfi Coast runs from November to February, when the days are often gray and the temperatures are the chilliest. Even during this period, however, the Amalfi Coast’s towns and villages still have a certain laid-back charm. December is particularly festive, with colorful lights and Christmas decorations glittering until late in the night.

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