Caribbean Port Status

October 5, 2017

This summer, hurricanes Irma and Maria swept through the Caribbean and left varying levels of damage. Several islands were impacted seriously enough to interrupt tourism, travel and the daily life of their wonderful people. Government officials, tour operators, port agents, and some of our own employees on the islands are assessing each island’s unique situation.

Through this network, we receive real-time information on progress toward welcoming cruise ships and getting our guests back to port. We’ll update the information here regularly, to bring you the latest on the status of the islands we visit.

We’re doing everything we can to support ongoing relief efforts for all those affected by these devastating storms. We hope you’re looking forward to visiting these beautiful destinations again just as much as we are. If you’d like to help the islands with us, visit – we’re matching donations dollar-for-dollar up to $1M.


Island Status Updates


This beautiful island experienced extensive damage due to hurricane Maria. We’ve had difficulty communicating with officials, which has made it difficult to evaluate the extent of the damage and the island’s relief needs.

We don’t know how long it will take the island to recover and welcome visitors again. We continue to monitor the island’s progress, and we hope Dominica will be ready to accept cruise ships back soon.

Key West

This southern most point in the United States was hit hard by hurricane Irma, and although there was extensive damage, teams on the ground have worked diligently to get the city back to business as usual.

Cruise operations were temporarily halted, but the city has already begun welcoming cruise ships again. Our first visit to this dynamic port of call will be on November 4 aboard Celebrity Reflection®.

St. Croix

This beautiful destination, part of the USVI, suffered badly from both hurricanes, Irma and Maria. Piers in Frederiksted, St. Croix are operational and damage assessments around the island are ongoing.

Local agencies tell us they are still assessing the island to determine accessibility of key attractions and shore excursion venues. One of the challenges they face is the distance from the cruise port to those attractions and venues.

Our first scheduled visit to St. Croix is planned for January of 2018. We continue to monitor this situation actively.

St. Maarten

This popular cruise destination suffered significant damage. Despite the damage, we’ve learned that communications, power, and water are gradually being restored on the Dutch side. Teams are working to clean up the cruise terminal area as well as the city of Philipsburg. Island officials say they’ll be ready to resume cruise operations on November 11, which coincides with their holiday—St. Maarten’s Day.

We have no plans to visit to St. Maarten for the rest of this year. We’re hoping to be able to visit the island again early next year.

St. Thomas

One of the most popular cruise ship destinations in the Caribbean, this USVI suffered damage from the storms, but not as badly as other islands. Officials report that the port and island will be operational by late October to early November and ready to accept cruise ships. The cruise piers were largely undamaged and assessments of the tourism venues are ongoing. The government has prioritized reopening Magen’s Bay, listed as one of the “Top 10 Beaches in the World” on many lists, as a priority.

In partnership with the government of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Royal Caribbean has committed to undertaking the complete restoration of Magens Bay, one of St. Thomas’ most popular tourist attractions. With power and water to the island fully restored and most downtown shops, restaurants, bars and tour operators fully operational, guests will be able to experience a diverse and extensive array of dining and shopping and activities, including boat and catamaran excursions to explore the turquoise blue waters, the abundant sea life, or soaking up some sun at some of the region’s best beaches.

We plan to return to St. Thomas on November 23 aboard Celebrity Silhouette®.

San Juan

This US territory suffered greatly from hurricanes Irma and Maria. The damage to the entire island was extensive. Recent reports indicate that cruise facilities were not as badly damaged as initially thought, and power has been restored to both cruise terminals.

Island officials have cleared the island to use gangways on the piers for cruise embarkation and debarkation until the covered cruise terminals are fully back in order. The airport is operational, and most airlines have resumed flights to San Juan.

If you have flights reserved, check with your airline to confirm your flights. Assessments of the tourist venues are ongoing.

We plan to sail from Puerto Rico aboard Celebrity Summit® beginning on October 28. On this day, more than 300 of our employees and executives will be traveling to San Juan to board Celebrity Summit for our annual Global Sales Conference, and we’re excited to be returning to the island. We plan to visit San Juan as a port of call on December 11, 2017, aboard Celebrity Equinoxsm.


One of the most breathtaking islands of the BVI, initial assessments from officials indicate minimal damage to the cruise pier; however, we’re awaiting a more comprehensive evaluation.

Teams on the island are working diligently to get business locations and restaurants in the port area open by early November. Government officials continue to assess the islands recovery and provide reports on the beaches and tourist attractions regularly.

Their goal is to begin accepting cruise ships by end of October. We hope to return to visit Tortola as a port of call in the beginning of 2018.