One of the most expected entertainment venues you’ll find on Celebrity Edge is also the most unexpected. A truly contemporary space designed to blur the line between audience and performance, The Theatre immerses you in an unparalleled entertainment experience where the performances are as innovative as the space itself.

Four stage areas and eight giant, moving projected backdrops offer an ever-changing canvas for the productions that live here. A main stage extends into and above the audience, taking performances to a whole new level—literally. With rotating spiral staircases, 18 synchronized projectors, aerial rigging, and more, the technology behind the scenes in The Theatre is so dynamic, it not only showcases the performers, but at times it will steal the show.

The productions in The Theatre will wow audiences of all ages. From the edgy experiences to the whimsical productions, you should always come prepared to leave your disbelief at the door. Featuring, Kaleidoscope, Colors of Life, and A Hot Summer Night’s Dream, guests will be mesmerized with cast shows like no others at sea.


“Dance through a colorful lens” A high energy pop art concert – a mash up of color and music.

A Hot Summer's Night Dream

In A Hot Summer Night’s Dream, you’ll be thoroughly immersed in a light-hearted journey that fuses music with extraordinary acrobatics and yes—a little bit of Shakespeare. It’s a tale of love, intoxication, and midnight madness.

Colors of Life

Our hero, Homer, is stuck in a black-and-white world until a mysterious muse helps him discover a more colorful way to look at life. Join us on this uplifting musical journey that’ll inspire everyone from the young to the young at heart, featuring gravity-defying acrobatics, breathtaking choreography, and iconic songs spanning the generations.

Award-winning Architecture

To help us create our vision of a space that transcends its purpose, we turned to award-winning architect and designer Scott Butler, founding partner of Wilson Butler Architects. Known for their ground-breaking work in the art world, they’ve created some of the most revolutionary theatres and art venues across the country, and now at sea.

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