Enjoy Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast With Zadar Shore Excursions

The Roman and Venetian ruins on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast are excellent examples of the sights you’ll see when you book Zadar shore excursions. The city’s coastal location also provides scenic water views with access to surrounding sights, beaches, and watersports.  

Zadar cruise excursions that include a walking tour through the city’s Old Town reveal the city’s Byzantine, Venetian, and Roman architecture. See a Venetian tower, city gates that once helped make it the largest city fortress in the Republic of Venice, and columns of the Roman Forum dating back to 1 B.C. Take in beautiful churches and cathedrals of the Roman era.

Book Zadar cruise excursions to Krka National Park for a journey to the land of waterfalls. See the falls cascade over 17 natural gypsum barriers and enjoy the park’s unique ecological and cultural resources, including birds, fish, and an old mill.

Take a tour of the historic wonders of the Dalmatian coast. See the canyon-spanning Krka Bridge in the town of Sibenik, the town’s historic center, and visit the Cathedral of St. Jacob, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These are all unique experiences that any Mediterranean cruise passenger will enjoy.

Zadar shore excursions that explore the area’s natural wonder are among the most popular ways to enjoy shore time during a cruise to Zadar. Paklenica National Park offers many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, including guided spelunking in Modric Cave, complete with your own headlamp and overalls. You can also hike past Anica Kuk, a 1,300-foot iconic peak, and to the Velika and Mala Paklenica canyons.

Take an exciting guided canoe trip on the Zmanja and Krupa rivers. Paddle to Kastel Zegarski and Velebit Nature Park, passing cultural, historic, and natural wonders along the route and viewing the rivers’ abundant fish and plant life.

Work on your tan, swim in cool, refreshing waters, and lie in a hammock on a pebbly pine-forest beach on an excursion to Nin Ribera de Zadar, one of Zadar’s most popular beaches.

Indulge your senses on a culinary, cultural, and historical trek to the Royal Vineyards. Learn how the soil, climate, and sea air work together to create exceptional grapes that produce distinguished vintages. Sample some of the vineyard’s best wines accompanied by selected appetizers. Travel to the Nin Salt Works to see how the forces of nature - sun, air, water - combine to produce the region’s salt.

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