Yokohama Shore Excursions Take You to the Wonders of Tokyo

Yokohama shore excursions will take you to one of Japan’s most famous cities: Tokyo. Beloved for its frenetic energy, delicious food scene, and serene parks, Tokyo will both excite and amaze you thanks to the cosmopolitan living you’ll find within its borders as well as the cultural activities and nearby natural sights.

When your cruise to Tokyo docks, you can spend your day on one of the Yokohama shore excursions that take you to Japan’s exquisite natural surroundings, such as the majestic Mt. Fuji and Hakone National Park. Yokohama cruise excursions also may escort you to the beauty of Sankeien Garden.

In the city, you can gaze in wonder at the remarkably tall Tokyo Skytree (the tallest building in Tokyo) and then travel to the top of this unique observation platform for panoramic views of the city.

Another spot in the city to see is the Ginza shopping district. Buildings awash in colorful lights jut up into the sky and house a variety of department stores and boutiques. Walk down the street to soak in the exciting vibe of the district or head into one of the shops to do some retail therapy during your free time.

Exchange the modern for the ancient with a Yokohama cruise excursion to Sensoji Temple, which was founded in the 7th century and is the oldest temple that’s still standing in Tokyo. Seeing the Imperial Palace is another popular historic excursion while on one of our Asia cruises. Though the Emperor of Japan lives there, the gardens are open to the public to visit.

For a day that offers a one-of-a-kind Japan experience, you can attend a Geisha performance and lunch. You’ll witness the modern day practice of the centuries-old tradition of the Geisha while enjoying a traditional Kaiseki meal.

Yokohama shore excursions are the perfect fit to get you into Tokyo and its surrounding region for a memorable day in port that will also help you to better understand the culture and history of Japan.

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