Taipei Shore Excursions: See the City’s Multicultural Heritage

One of the words that best describes the Taipei shore excursions you’ll experience when you dock at this Taiwanese port is “fusion”. The seamless melding of Chinese, Japanese, ancient, and contemporary cultures, as well as American influence, ensures that whether your taste in tours runs to city jaunts, temple treasures, or nature walks, you’re sure to enjoy your time your time in port on your cruise to Taipei.

Motor coach tours to see the city’s unique attractions are among popular options for Taipei, Taiwan cruise excursions. You’ll have a chance to see shrines and temples, palaces and skyscrapers, memorials and museums. Each monument showcases Taipei as a truly unique city. Tour the Martyrs’ Shrine, the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, the Grand Hotel, the National Palace Museum, and marvel at one of the tallest buildings in the world, Taipei 101.

Delve into the worlds of philosophy and religion as you travel to the city’s oldest, largest, and most beloved temple, Pao-an Temple, which houses shrines to 39 deities. See the beautifully austere Taipei Confucius Temple, modeled after the original in Qufu, China. Built in 1879, it was designed to be a place of education in the teachings of “the Sage”. Visit a three-centuries-old temple, Longshan Temple, dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy. The temple is a point of Taiwanese pride as it survived natural disasters and World War II bombings.

Explore the countryside on Taipei shore excursions to Chung Cheng Park, where panoramic views of the busy streets and harbor are most photo worthy. Snap pictures of the amazing, pure-white, 74-foot tall statue of Guanyin, Goddess of Mercy. At Yehliu Geopark, you’ll see incredible rock formations eroded by the sea over eons with descriptive names like Fairy Shoe, Candlestick, and Queen’s Head. Drive along the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area on the way to Chiufen for a guided walk through a mountain village that was once a gold mining town.

While on your Asia cruise, many Taipei shore excursions offer opportunities to sample the eclectic cuisines of Taipei. Savor a Chinese dim sum lunch, typical Taiwanese tea and treats, a noodle bowl snack, or Japanese shaved ice at a dessert parlor that’s been around since the 1920s.

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