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St. Petersburg, Russia- Although reportedly built to resemble such Western cities as London, Paris, and Vienna, one look at St. Petersburg's regal palaces and vast public squares is enough to
tell you that it is truly in a class of its own. This grand city has always been entrenched and largely defined by its proximity to water. The Neva River snakes and bisects this city at every turn, necessitating the building of some 342 bridges to navigate pedestrian, motorist and boat traffic.

Dubbed ‘The Venice of Russia’, there’s a wealth of history and culture to experience on a cruise to St. Petersburg, Russia. As a central location for the world’s greatest works of art, St. Petersburg has few rivals. The Russian Museum, where the city’s greatest works are housed, is a must visit as it spreads out over 4 lavish palaces still intact from its Tsarist past.

Peter the Great, of whom the city gets its namesake, sought to make St. Petersburg the imperial seat of Russia and a showcase city built largely by the best European architects that money could buy and his vision is still very much preserved throughout every inch of this memorable city. If you're in St. Petersburg in June, you'll be able to catch the city's famous "white nights," when the boundless night sky is never completely dark.

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For souvenirs beyond the ubiquitous matryoshka dolls, head to Kulturra, a cutting-edge concept store where artists and designers—among them Marmeladova, who creates fanciful silk cocktail dresses and fitted blouses in bold prints—set up shop within a fashion-forward communal space. Designers here come and go, making it a hot spot for locals looking for the next big trend.

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