Discover Historic & Natural Beauty on Split Shore Excursions

Split, Croatia is one of the jewels you’ll experience on an Adriatic cruise due to its gorgeous harbor and historic Old Town that’s housed in the remains of a 4th century palace. All this natural beauty and history means you'll have both an educational and fun time on a Split shore excursion.

One of the top Split cruise excursions to enjoy is related to that aforementioned palace. It was built to serve as the palatial home for Roman Emperor Diocletian in his retirement. It is a unique site to behold since the walls that once served as his living quarters have been revamped today to house restaurants and shops with narrow cobblestone walkways leading between them. It’s a marvelous place to explore and Split shore excursions that include a tour of Diocletian’s Palace can ensure you don’t get lost!

When you’re on one of our cruises to Split, Croatia, seeing what’s underground Diocletian’s Palace is a must-do. The palace was built with a basement in order to house food and wine. It reflects the layout of the above-ground portion of the castle, so touring it gives you a good sense of how Diocletian’s living quarters were laid out back in the 4th century. The basement also has informational boards so you can learn more about the history of the palace.

Beyond touring Diocletian’s Palace, there are many other interesting and exciting shore excursions you can experience during a day in port. You can get away from the bustling Old Town and escape to the Dalmatian countryside. Another fun getaway is spending the day on Krka Island in the serene Krka National Park.

If you’re a wine connoisseur, you can also learn more about Croatian wine on a wine-tasting shore excursion. And if you’re more of a connoisseur of famous TV shows, namely Game of Thrones, you’ll love one of the Split cruise excursions that takes you to local filming locations of the show.

From history to modern day attractions, you’ll have a memorable time exploring Croatia’s Dalmatian coast on a Split shore excursion.

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