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Skjolden, Norway- Skjolden is the innermost port of Norway, located at the head of the longest navigable fjord in the world, Sognefjord. The village population may average 200, but its terrain is far from quaint. Experience the grand and pristine beauty of the north on your Skjolden cruise. The Breheimen National Park, home to three majestic glaciers and Feigumfossen Waterfall
in an idyllic setting on the southern side of the Lusterfjord are only a few of the scenic attractions you’ll find here. Take the short walk into the falls or admire the view from the National Tourist Route on the northern side of the fjord. For the outdoors-y type that wants to take in a great hike, take the Rv55, one of Norway's most scenic roadways, to the pristine fishing waters of Eidsvatnet lake. For more breathtaking scenery, head just a bit north to the Mørkridsdalen Valley where verdant mountains surround fields of colorful wildflowers and rushing streams.

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