See Modern & Ancient China on Shanghai Shore Excursions

On Shanghai shore excursions, you’ll discover why the city was once called the “Paris of the East,” and may again be on track to claim that coveted nickname. From your Shanghai cruise, you’ll see this is without a doubt the most cosmopolitan city in China, seamlessly blending ancient and historic landmarks with modern marvels.

Shanghai shore excursions offer opportunities to discover the city’s most important historic and cultural landmarks while appreciating its incredible modernity. Walk along the popular waterfront area, the Bund, and notice the progression of architectural styles that spans more than a century. Two of the modern-era architectural marvels in the city include Jin Mao Tower, China’s tallest building of 88 stories, and the Oriental Pearl Tower.

Among the most popular things to do in Shanghai from a cruise include tours of artful Chinese gardens. Take a step back in time to the Ming Dynasty as you tour the Yuyuan Garden, the most celebrated Chinese garden in Shanghai. Walk the Zig Zag Bridge, located in the middle of the lake. Enjoy a cup of tea at the tea house. Visit the Great Rockery and spend tranquil moments taking in the beauty of the Inner Garden.

Just outside the city on the canals of the Yangtze River is Suzhou, home of a thriving silk industry. It boasts 60 ancient gardens, 9 of which are designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. On a shore excursion, you’ll visit the largest and most popular, Humble Administrator’s Garden. On your guided walk, you’ll glean cultural and historical insights. On a visit to the Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute, be amazed as you see silk masters at work and view displays of exquisite silk-embroidered pieces that are works of art.

On a one-of-a kind cultural journey, discover authentic Chinese folk arts and crafts by master artisans. Meet the artisans who work in jade and ivory carving, lantern making, boxwood carving, woolen needlepoint, and other crafts. Stand in awe of the two Buddha statues carved completely from precious white jade on a visit to the most famous Buddhist temple in China.

Shanghai shore excursions to the water town of Zhujiajiao, known for its 36 moss-covered bridges, along with a chance to tour and shop a silk factory, are a fun way to spend a day while in port during your Asia cruise. As you conclude the day with a visit to Shanghai’s Pudong New District, home of incredible skyscrapers, including Shanghai World Financial Center and a host of high-tech industries, you’ll understand Shanghai’s quest to once again be the “Paris of the East.”

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