Seward Shore Excursions Offer Opportunities to Discover America’s Last Frontier

Alaska’s original, derisive nickname, “Seward’s Folly” has long since been replaced by a more traveler-friendly one, namely “America’s Last Frontier,” and nature lovers of every stripe are guaranteed to be captivated by the rugged beauty of Alaska when choosing from an exciting array of Seward shore excursions.

The picturesque town of Seward, Alaska’s oldest community, serves as a gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park, and it is unofficially nicknamed as such. The Park, all 669,984 acres of it, was designated a National Park in 1980. In addition to the fjords, it’s home to 15 glaciers, the Harding Icefield, one of the four major icecaps in the United States, and an incredible diversity of wildlife.

While your ship is docked, you’ll have ample opportunity to explore all that this charming town has to offer, on land and on sea, on hiking trails and wildlife walks, at eateries and aquariums.

The best way to explore and enjoy the area is to book one of several guided Seward cruise excursions. Whether you choose a luxury, enclosed-cabin cruiser or a high-speed catamaran tour, you’ll travel through Kenai Fjords National Park witnessing first-hand its sights, sounds, and sensations. As you glide through clear-water fjords, behold a calving glacier, hear its roar, and maybe even feel its spray as it falls into the sea. Watch native Alaskan wildlife in their natural habitats – see bald eagles fly, sea lions and otters swim, porpoises cavort, and whales, whether orcas or humpback, flash their tails as they arc out of the water then theatrically splash down. Stare in awe at magnificent towering glaciers that are a testament to an eons-ago ice age.

Many of the day-long Seward shore excursions and cruises include an all-you-can-eat salmon and prime rib buffet, and include snacks and drinks, at stops or onboard, so be sure to bring your appetite for good eating in Alaska, as well as your camera, whether SLR or smartphone-based.

For a more in-depth look at native wildlife and the marine ecosystem, book one of the Seward shore excursions that includes a trip to the Seward Sealife Center. Located on the shores of Resurrection Bay, the center is Alaska’s most well-known aquarium, and the state’s only marine mammal rehabilitation facility. Operating since 1998, the center was funded in major part from Exxon Valdez oil spill settlement funds. There are dozens of exhibits and activities the whole family will enjoy, including an awesome animal rescue program.

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