Enjoy Modern and Sophisticated Seoul Shore Excursions

When your cruise ship docks in Incheon, a city neighboring the capital city and urban hub of Seoul, you’ll quickly understand Seoul’s magic. It’s the largest city in South Korea, contrasting ancient Buddhist temples with futuristic skyscrapers and one of the fastest subway systems in the world.

There are so many things to do in Seoul from a cruise ship if you know where to look. Seoul shore excursions offer an incredible blend of adventure and serenity, whether that’s seeing Seoul on foot via a walking tour or hiking to the top of Namsan Mountain for a panoramic vista of the city. You’ll quickly learn the history of Seoul and its unprecedented development over the past 50 years.

For unforgettable cultural and culinary experiences, take a tour of an ancient temple and experience an authentic Korean tea tasting, or go shopping in the antique district along Insadong or the Dongdaemun Market for souvenirs. Art lovers will enjoy Seoul’s vibrant, bustling art scene at galleries and museums across the city. Other popular Seoul shore excursions include day-long tours of the city, starting at the 12th century Gyeongbok Palace and ending with shopping at over 1,000 vendors at South Gate Market.

Asian cruise passengers that consider themselves foodies can eat and drink their way through Seoul, sipping soju and eating classic delicacies like bibimbap and Korean barbeque, which have exploded in popularity in the U.S. and all over the world. Try savory pancakes called jeon, usually filled with kimchi or vegetables. Don’t miss the chance to try traditional Korean rice wine, too.

No matter how you spend your time while on your cruise to Seoul, whether that’s gallery-hopping at some of the world’s finest art institutions or sampling authentic Korean cuisine, Seoul shore excursions offer a glimpse of a truly urban center with meaningful, historic roots.

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